Not ready for the weekend

I wanted some more workdays this week and I do not feel for having weekend yet. It is how it is now and my weekend started with a Bodypump workout. I think the instructor laughed at me in secret, at least it felt like that because I am so weak. Like a spaghetti. I was honestly a bit ashamed about my weak arms and legs during the hour. But it was a nice class. Luckily not the newest Bodypump that I don’t like but a mix from old ones. 

After my afterwork out I had no wine instaed I went grocery shopping, booked a trip with SAS (who else?) to Zurich where I am going in August for a running thing at Matterhorn, and checked up my private economy. I might be strange but I love keeping track of my own financials. Checking for the for me best investments and planning my income, purchases and savings. Well everyone has a hobby and I have a masters degree in business administration so questions on that? Then I felt for some yoga challenges so I practiced a bit at my yoga math. And of course I had fruit sallad and some random junk right from my cabinet for dinner. Was it Friday night?


/ Pernilla having an evening at home

I like it busy

I really had a bit busy last two days traveling for a business trip so the number of blog posts have dipped. But I am alive and feeling great since I love hectic times on the go.

So where have I been then? I was in Hamburg for work attending the big Aircraft interior exhibition and that did of course involved lots of meeting, greetings, talking to old contacts and creating new ones. Really the best part of the life as a purchaser if you ask me. Real life contacts that maintains or leads to improved collaboration and understanding. So it was some successful days I have to say.

In between the fair and dinner last night at the spare 1.5 hours I went for a run around lake Alstern. I ran there a lot when I lived in Hamburg and yesterday it was magic. Almost 20 degrees and people running, walking, picnicking, rowing and sailing all around and in the lake. I really love Hamburg and would for sure recommend it for a weekend trip!

Back at home today in Stockholm I had more running at the schedule. I am in the presidium at SAS run and walk club and we have Runday coming over to host trainings once in a while and today was the day for this years first one. Almost 20 SASers from pilots to engineers, press, revenue managers and purchasers all mixed up for a fun and inspiring Runday session at the hills of Hagaparken. Lots of running, traveling and fun going on now! A sign of spring right?

/ Pernilla loving all in pace

The forgotten place

The library. I love reading and flipp through books and if I had them all at my casa Vasa I would probably by now have to live in the whole appartment complex all by myself. Therefore I often borrow reads that I am curious about but do not want to purchase myself at the library.

Stockholm’s main library is not further away from my place than the closest bookstore so when I want or need a book then I just check out where it is placed at the library website, walk over there and get it. Quick and easy. And payed by our taxes. This is the way I get all my Lonley planets, training books and cook books. The only thing is when I go there I do at least get one or two extra books that I not initially planned to get.

 I really like the huge library filled with reading inspiration. Another service that I do appreciate is the reservation service. For only 10 SEK you can order any book and when it is ready to collect a mail comes in your postbox and then you just go and get it. Perfect, right? This was just a little reminder about a hidden treasure that you might have forgotten.

/ Pernilla the book liker

Shaky legs


10K of transport I would label today’s jog under. I was really pepp for running an afterwork half marathon tonight, I love this rainy weather and my legs felt fantastic. I went home, had musli and milk for dinner, rested a bit and started to feel a bit nauseous.  My tummy started to cramp and I checked the date of my milk since I thought that was the issue. Five days until expire but it was real milk, no lactose free one. Well, shit happens so I went out in my running outfit all ready for a run. I took my comfy route at Kungsholmen and it felt like I was going to through up every single meter, my legs felt all shaky and weak and I got my usual symptoms that I get when I eat milk or egg foods. I could not just run. So frustrating. I have looked forward to a run the whole day and now I could not run because of some stupid milk. I forced myself to 10K and I almost stopped every kilometer to breath and try to recover a bit and well it helped for about 200 meters. Stupid shit. I hate this. I so badly feel for running. Now.

/ Pernilla having a mess up run

Monday checklist

Work: I felt super motivated for a new office week when I woke up. I biked to work and was there from 6:45  until 16:50 and the whole day I had post to much holiday energy to spend on work. I could easily stayed longer but I had to attend todays second point on the list…

Training: Monday Runday is now back at Karlberg and I am also back to Monday Runday trainings. It was a fun Runday training where Helelala teamed up for intervals and died together after it. Was it five weeks or five months to Stockholm marathon?


/ Pernilla loving Mondays