When I visited my parents place last weekend I did as always took a look in the photo albums and due to the throughly back Thursday it is today here comes a few pics from the younger version of me.

 Christmas celebration at Smögen. When I grew up we celebrated Christmas at our place, at my mums childhood residence at Smögen and at my dads childhood place in Getinge near Halmstad. The shirt was my favorite one. Three times the fun!
PJ rock n roll for breakfast. I am sitting in my favorite position instructing my little brother to play music for me. Like a big sis!

 My favorite doll, Stefan. He was always at my side and one day he had to cut his leg off and another day the arm off. Work hard play hard!

/ Pernilla walking down the memory line 

New 5K PB

Vårruset 2015 Stockholm edition. That was tonight’s event. I had one goal and it was a new personal best. My old one was from 2003 at 22:12 from Vårtuset in Västerås so it was time to break the record. I started in the front and of course my sports watch did not found the satellites in time so I had no clue about my pace. I was just running and it felt like shit. My legs felt tired and it was just shit. I just wanted to get it over the whole race. It was not a close to death experience but I gave my outmost for today. And broke my old record. 21:43 was my final time for the 5Ks and I am so happy! Place 56 out of around 3500 runners. 5K and halfmarathon a has always been my favorite distances and after this it has not changed!

/ Pernilla with a finisher pose

10 for Tuesday

With inspo from the blog guru’s Jessica and Träningsglädje Sara I felt thee need to make a list of ten things I do and don’t myself.

1) I do cut lines. I hate to stay in lines. Hate it. Either I skip doing things because the line is to long or I cut the line. Sorry guys! And I do myself hate others that cut lines.

2) I do love müsli. I eat müsli and milk at least for one meal every day, all year around. I never get tired of the combo.

3) I don’t buy eco food except bananas. I think it is just another way for stores to make profit.

4) I do always make it on time. When I fly somewhere I always show up for flights in the very last minute, by accident. But I always make it by miracle.

5) I do like to get what I want so I fight hard to get things done the way I want it.

6) I don’t like to make phone calls to people that I have not met in real life is.

7) I do think in English and sometimes I do by accident speak to people in Sweden in English.

8) I don’t put the step-up board to the lowest level when I leave the gym. Lazy but…

9) I do love ice cream but I do not eat it so often because I never have it at hand when I badly want it.

10) I don’t use the selfie stick that I got for christmas when we had our christmas gift game.


/ Pernilla with today’s do’s and don’ts

Sunday in V-town

Now my mini weekend trip to Västerås is over. It feels so close but so far away from Stockholm. It has always been a wannabe Stockholm city but sorry, it is not. It feels like a small town although it is one of the larger in Sweden. Today I started the day by taking a 12K run in the Gryta and Rocklunda forest, laying in the sun at the backyard watching play channels, going for a walk in my old neighborhood, doing a bit more car driving and visit a friend of mine that just got a nice house (with pool). I have had a super relaxed weekend as you can hear but to be honest I had enough of quiet V-town. It is a great city to grow up in and I had a really good time when I lived there until I was finishing high school and moved away but moving back there right now is not something I would like to do. 1,5 days at Liljanastorp was enough. 

  / Pernilla on the way back home

World wide Västerås

I actually felt for spending the weekend in Stockholm since it was ages since I was there but somehow I went to my hometown Västerås. It is not my favorite place on earth but it is relaxing here.

 The forest ten meters from my parents house, filled with lovely threes and one of my favorite running routes that I of course took a 10Ker at.

  And I have been driving a bit also. That was ages ago. But the XC60 is almost like driving at a roller coaster in a theme park so I survived and thought it was fun. That rarely happens if it ever happened!

 So after running and driving what else is needed to make a day complete? A burger of course. BBQed and eaten outside in the garden. Today I realized how much I am missing to have a garden. I am more a house person than an apartment one. Can someone give me a house, at the water, with a pool, large garden and close to everything?

/ Pernilla the outdoor lover