The not so happy end

Wednesday and a day filled with summer feelings, sun, celebrations of the fantastic U21 soccer gold medal, happy smiles, productive high pace day at work, outside dinner and a class of Bodycombat. Yes I am an addict again. Sorry. Up until here the day was as good as a no special Wednesday could be then when I came to the locker room at SATS Fridhemsplan and a minute later one girl asked me if someone had broken into my locker and I was like “no” (just picked mine up) but then another girl from the combat class came and someone had broken into hers aswell. A fourth combat participant and non of us couldn’t believe it. So stupid. If it is something I really, really hate it is people that steal from others. Now the girls stood there in their bloody sweaty training gear without a clue about who could help them out. Their phones, work laptops, keys, id’s, clothes were all gone. What to do? Me and the other girl asked to help them out but we couldn’t help with anything. I guess the only thing to do is to get somone who can open the door home. Things like this really makes me so angry. What is the problem with people? Why is it necessary to make life difficult and steal from others? I do actually wished they took my bag today because I had nothing in it except a towel and a bikini because I was eventually planning to go swimming after the class. My phone and keys I kept with me to the class since I have it attached to my other keys. Stupid stupid people. The combat was great though and the view when walking home aswell.

 / Pernilla hating stupid people 

Post combat satus

This is how I look and feel after a special edition kick ass body combat class at SATS Odenplan.

 Black circles of trashy mascara under my eyes, having the very basest hair day ever with mixed sweat and just crappy unbrushed some kind of blond color, dressed in a “I am on fire” tee but now I am not and a pair of comfy shorts from the 90’s. Tepp’s combat class was absolutley 100% awesome as always. My combat addiction is back and I want to combat every day although I am everything else than on fire right now.

 So I recover by reading the latest issue of Elle and drinking water at my balcony. Happy Monday! 
/ Pernilla the combat lover

Summertime I love you

As much as I dislike the winter I love the summer. This Stockholms weekend has been a really good one featured with hang outs with great friends, strawberry eating, beeing in the city and at the country side, relaxing, book reading, running, müsli and milk meals, sleeping in, a Bodypump class and almost last outdoor yoga in Vasaparken. One more day of weekend wouldn’t hurt but it is not the case this time, tomorrow the office desk is calling again. Luckily the summer evening are long and since my office days usually starts at 06:50 I have made my 8 hours and can leave already at 15:30 if I want to.

/ Pernilla enjoying summer weekends

Smashing fun Nike run

When it comes to arrange events Nike knows the drill. Last night I ran Nike womens run here in Stockholm and it was fab. fab. fab.

I went there with my brother, his girlfriend (that also was running) and helela and we arrived already one hour before the start to Kungsan. Jessica Clarén and her Nike crew hosted warmup but I do not warmup before running so we just checked it out for a bit, went to the toilet and so on.

All of a sudden it became race time and my stiff legs was not stiff anymore. Like always when I participate in some kind of result mesurable activity I got it together and wanted to do my best of the day. I started in the first group and settled of in 4:30 min/km pace aiming for a 45 min result. It felt comfortable and stable for the first four kilometers. Then, then my tummy freaked out. I sometimes get terrible cramps when I run fast and that is what happened here. I thought about quitting but I am not a quitter so I tried to to slow down and it helped. But I lost time. Kilometer 5 I ran in 5:09 pace. Not good at all. Also the sixt kilometer I lost a lot of time and counted that in at 4:57. Good bye good finish time! At this point my focus was to not run slower than 50 minutes. But all of a sudden my tummy was not hurting that badly anymore so I speeded up again. 4:45 min/km felt like a stable pace and for the second time my brother was showing up in Rålis to cheer and I got new energy. Only seven small kilometers left and just-do-it was on my mind. My legs felt perfect and I had a stable run the remaining kilometers of the race. During the last kilometer there were no other runners close by to beat but once again Nike Jessica was showing up cheering and the last 500 meters Nike crew was pacing and for 200 meters Paula Radcliff did a high five and was pacing me before some other Nike runners was pacing the last 50 meters before the finish line. Then it was over. I was not all over and out but…

I smashed it all into a new personal best. From 47:12 until 46:44 at my most worst running distance. Cheers on that!

All together it was a race totally in my style. I love the fun race setup like the Nike race village and so on but I am against women’s only races and wish that next year it will be a race open to everyone. And if I ran the Nike race in Nike shoes. No. Adidas Boston Boost was on my feets together with Gococo socks. As always!

/ Pernilla that is happy for a new 10K PB


This is what I feel right now almost two hours before settling off during a 10K race in Stockholm. A big love for the superstylish tee but other than that. LET. JUST. GET. IT. OVER. WITH. The 10K route passes by my favorite running places in Stockholm. I hate running 10K races. The course is though flat and flawless. I want to do a new personal record at 10K but I feel slow as a slowpoke. But I have my secret weapon, my Adidas Boston Boost shoes. Will they help me to cut some seconds at my 10K personal best?

/ Pernilla that is preparing for a late night run

Welcome Sofia!

Look what I bought today! A brand new and awesome bike Monark Sofia. It is nearly 10 days since my old Crescent bike became scrap after around 15 years of daily service so for ten long days I have been walking around but now that is over. I am so happy for my new bike and cross my fingers no one will steal it from me like they did with my Crescent Rissa bike and another crappy one. I have invested in a superstrong lock (which I also had for the previous ones) and I am so excited to go biking so I was out exploring Solna for an hour and a half this afternoon. Tomorrow I will for sure take a bike tour aswell!

/ Pernilla with a new bike

Afterworkout run

TGIF. This Friday has not been the most productive one in my life. The officeday felt endless and the whole day my eyes was closer to being closed than open. But I survived. Merely. I have felt the need for some training the whole long day so I went for a run this evening. 10 simple kilometers alongside the waters of Stockholm. I rarely run on Friday evenings but when I need it I do it and tonight I badly needed it. Tomorrow I will sleep in and prepare for the Nike Women’s run that takes place here in Stockholm tomorrow evening. Afterwork out – done. Anyone else who has been on the move tonight although it is Friday evening?

/ Pernilla that enjoyed an afterworkout