Four years!

Today is four years since I moved back to Sweden and Stockholm. Also four years since I changed my job at Lufthansa to SAS. Four years including most fun things but also a few things that I regret that I have done/could have done in a different way but hey, we all learn from mistakes. Every day is a day to do better than yesterday that is at least my motto. This Tuesday has been a good one. First a day at the office spiced up with my favorite dish sushi. Then two times the fun at SATS Sturep. The chic gym you know. I was not the chic kid though but I had fun and worked my ass off at a Shabam class and thereafter a power step class. Double the fun! These three activities kind of sums up my days in Stockholm quite well, sushi inspired workdays and training all night. That is the Monday to Friday life the way I like it so I hope my next years in Stockholm also will include this if I do not get the chance to move abroad again because then I will for sure take it right away! 

/ Pernilla with love from Stockholm

Rule: It’s getting better

Mondays. I guess this day is somewhat special to most people. The fresh start of a new week and usually I LOVE Mondays. This Monday I woke up less pepp for a new week, went to work and the first email I opened I wished I never read. The second one was also a mode dropper. But I mean, how low can you go? So instaed of writing the malicious replies I wanted to I worked a bit with the fun SAS Run race that takes place at September 16th in Hagaparken to cheer up a bit. To usual superfast Monday was moving fascinating slowly but after many long hours it was time to bike home.

Then it was time for training. Runday was on my mind for today and I went there with fresh legs ready for intervals. And that was what we got. 6*70 seconds with 20 sec. rest in between each times three. Then my legs were over and out. But thankful for a great start of the training week. Now my depp mode has changed to pepp mode. Let’s bring it Tuesday!

20141209_094951/ Pernilla in beach, run, work and fun mode


The first thing I did this morning was not a surprise. 15K of fantastic running with the very best feeling. I was high on endorphines the whole way and if I have had more time then I would have kept on gooing. But it was not an option this morning because…

I ran to the central station in order to catch the train to my hometown Västerås for a short visit.

 My mum is turning 60 next week and since she also is a huge travel lover she and my dad will go on a trip for a couple of weeks. So my brother and his girlfriend and I popped by with a surprise visit, cake and our b-day gift. I am sure she got quite surprised!

Back home again my training inspo was not blown away. With fab Miranda‘s trail running success in mind and Runday Charlotte‘s 44th Place in the World at the Beijing World Championships in mind it is impossible to be anything else then inspired to do sports. So I Went to SATS Odenplan and had a fun session at the gym.

/ Pernilla that is thankful for a fab weekend

Brunch party

Can I go to sleep now? I am so tired but it has been a great Saturday. Me and a friend got the brilliant idea of hosting a brunch party so the whole day I have been drinking rose, wine, eating pie, sallad, fruit and even chips that I never eat while hanging out in the sun with friends. Energy filling but now I am all out ready for going to bed. It is definitely kind of my new favorite kind of social weekend gathering, more brunch parties in 2016 please.

/ Pernilla that love the outdoor 

Back to training life

It has been a bit quiet here the last couple of days but I have been writing so many emails at work that my brain has been empty of words during the evenings. I can though report that the alp run was exactly what I needed when it came to my training motivation. Before that it has been up and down with it since Stockholm marathon but now, I wanna do sports all the time. On Tuesday I was sick (and worked from home) so no sporty day, Wednesday I felt better but was all out after a day at work so I just went for a 10K walk. Yesterday I stepped up one step further and ran 5K and walked 6 plus did some abs workout. This morning I ran 9K before work in Hagaparken and I felt that I needed some more movement after a day at the office so I visited SATS Odenplan for afterworkout in the gym. 60 minutes of upper body workout. I really feel that I am in a big training flow at the moment. Next week I will travel somewhere and I already know that the theme will be sports and beach. I just have to decide destination also… 


/ Pernilla in a training flow 

Fashion forward

Stockholm fashion week is ongoing and in every magazine I read or blog I look into there lots of pictures showing awesome creations to wear. I also love to wear nice clothes and I have to admit that I am also driving the fast fashion industry forward by purchasing a bit too much clothes just because I like them. Not really need them. When I was going to write my bachelor thesis I first started off writing one about the fast fashion industry but it was not good enough according to what I thought so I changed topic. Still my interest for the fast fashion industry remains and when I saw the documentary about the fast fashions industry “True cost” I got hooked. I have always been interested in work relations in developing countries and mass production of garments and this documentary gave a briefing of nice to know in the area. Although I was aware of many things they said it was really, really good and made me once again think about the consequences of our western society consumption. So friends, take your time and enjoy this movie. 

/ Pernilla in thinking mode 

42 195 meters of Athens booked!

Athens marathon

Likewise having the next trip planned when you get home from one I regard it as important to have other challenges planned to motivate myself keep on training. It took me about 36 hours after finishing Matterhorn Ultraks until my bookingfinger itched and I pressed the button for my next major challenge. The Authentic Athens Marathon. 41 195 meters of running between Marathon and Athen in November. It felt like a great decision at once. The timing is good, Athens is a destination I want to visit and what is more historical than running a marathon from Marathon? I am at least excited about it and 74 Days to go until race time!

/ Pernilla looking forward to Athens Marathon (picture borrowed from the race page)