Thoughts. Christmas shopping

Oh well friends, I got back sooner than you would expect. When I still felt serious in the office outfit I had a more serious thought on the topic shopping. Or more precise christmas shopping. I love the atmosphere right now. The city is all lighted up and everywhere different stores are trying to win customers by having the sweetest shopping deals. As every other year although the worldmarket is unsecure HUI has estimated new record high christmas sales figures. Fun, for the stores and hopefully it will help the economy to recover. I am not collaborating that much on that point because I do not buy any christmas gifts anylonger just because it is not worth it. In my opinion it is actually quite pointless to let somone else use their time to go and buy stuff I know I will get and likewise can buy myself and I do not care that much about stuff, because it is just stuff that I do not really need just want so at my age I do not find any value in christmas shopping. Okey, maybe one or two gifts are okey otherwise it looks weird under the christmas tree but the time of getting 50 gifts a year belongs to my past. Last year I had zero gifts and that was perfectly fine as well. What about you? have your view about christmas gifts changed during the years?

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