Research. Bodybalance


Just visiting the gym for a Bodybalance class is nothing that exists in my world. One hour of training feels like nothing for me and especially if it is no cardio activity involved. But since my BBe debute I have loved the concept. A faster version of yoga, taichi and pilates to chill music makes it to a Pernilla friendly class since I love stretching and bending. But only as a combo class. Today the first part was the very best kind of Bodycombat so I got the kicking and cardio part as well, but I guess I was quite tired because at the last relaxing song I fell asleep for a minute. Really nice, but not so nice to walk home after that. Anyway, the class was included in my try it all classes project at SATS which is going quite well. I do not have many classes left to try before midsummer so I think I have to change it from 25 selected classes to all.


/ A Pernilla that now need some sleep

6 thoughts on “Research. Bodybalance

  1. Kul att du också testar SATS-klasser (det gör vi på Runday med)! Men vi är tre stycken som hjälps åt så det blir lite mindre utmanande än att göra det själv.. Lycka till! Jag ska kika in då och då och jämföra våra upplevelser om olika pass.

    • Ja jag såg att ni gjorde det! Kul att läsa om vad ni också gillar. För ca 1,5 år sedan testade jag alla SATS klasserna i Norge – kul projekt för att variera träningen!

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