Training. Kick ass Combat


I was not fast enough home from the office to make it to Energi & Magi‘s fab combat today so I choosed the second best option and went to another combat class which instructor I do normally not like but it was better than no combat. I made a promisse to not give everything before I entered the class since I still are a bit sick. But the but that always comes around happened to be the fact that one the class started I felt this was going to be one kick ass class and it was impossible to not go all in from the beginning to the end. Just the way I like it. Although I do not like the instructor it was possible since I know almost the whole 51 release by heart. Days like these it is awsome to be a frequent combat visitor.

/ A Pernilla that is back on the combat track

2 thoughts on “Training. Kick ass Combat

    • När jag var ute och sprang nyss kände jag mig nästa frisk och skadefri. Första gången på jag vet inte hur länge!

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