Thoughts. Faces


Today I have a happy and smiling face again. Not only after a the doubble class visit at SATS St Eriksbron but the whole day. A face was it. On the topic of faces I just read about the largest face transplant ever that took place in the UK. A man from the US that got injuried after beeing shot by a gun got an almost complete new face. I think it is quite amazing that it works actually. It is not like putting spareparts from one aircraft on to another it is real people with real organs that are moved from one on to another person. This is definitley the most impressive thing I have heard about today. And from now on my boring Tuesdays are out so I promisse to have more smiles in my face next Tuesday putting myself under the knife for the 24th face transplantation in the world.


/ A Pernilla that is back on the training track

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