Training. Loving it


Without training I am a half Pernilla. Three days I have now been without any kind of physical activity and even though I have not slept many hours in the past night I found the very extra energy and went to the training bloggers mecca, SATS Spårvagnshallarna. I think that when you are tired you always have 50 % more to give in all situations. A 90 minutes session at SATS would give me more back that what I offered. Therefore I reasoned in the true spirit of a civilekonom that if I give everything in I will have everything and a bit more as payback. First I went for the very popular HotMojo yoga in the 38 degree warm room. Fantastic as usual. Then I continued at with one over 5000 strides in 30 minutes session at the crosstrainer – and do you think I made it? Yes, of course so next time 5500 strides in 30 minutes is the goal. Now I do unfortunatley not have any more goals for today except laying down and sleep.


/ A Pernilla that is in love with training

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