Style. Where to go?


Todays luxus case is to decide where to go on my spring vacation that takes place in the middle of May. I have quite many wanna go to’s on the list but some are not feasable right now or are scheduled for later. Like South Africa, Brazil and the yearly visit to Singapore. The options left are Carribean, South America or somewhere else where the combination of sunny and warm weather, beachstyle and adventures are to be found. I am not really feeling for South East Asia or maybe that is the best option because I want to go to Hainan and some places in Indonesia I have not been to.

/ A Pernilla in planning mode

One thought on “Style. Where to go?

  1. Åh, angenäma val! Brasilien vill jag testa! Och Sydafrika! Hm, hur ska man hinna allt? Och ha råd? Ska köpa ett gäng trisslotter när jag kommer hem till Sverige… :)

    Hoppas du kommer fram till en bra plan! Ha en fin vecka!

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