Eats. Time killer


I had a supersweet training plan for today. The first part is finished so now I am waiting for the second one which takes place in the Gryta woods. I hurried up like it was no day tomorrow and finished all housewife tasks quicker than quick before I rushed to SATS. When I got there I was 45 minutes to early for my first class – so what to do? I took a minipowerwalk to Karlbergs castle and back and got some sunshine vitamines. Then I went for a spinning, core and shake that ass Shabam hosted by Energy & Magi. Went home, had some strawberries and milk and was ready to take the 2 o’clock train to Västerås. But of course there is no 2 train. So I have to wait until 3. There are trains every hour and during rushhours every 30 minutes but no 2 train. Bad planning that is called. So now I am killing some time with tanning and drinking Loka at my balcany. It works perfectly fine, but I want to be tanning at casa Liljanstorp now.

/ A Pernilla that want to go home now

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