Style. :(


This WAS my favourite bike. A silver Crescent Holma. Since last evening it was not mine anylonger. Someone have stolen it. My best bike. I am really, really pissed now and angry I have no words for it. What is the problem with people that cannot see the difference between yours and mine? And especially since my iron horse was locked with two lockers, one wire one and one built in. Now I have no Holma bike anymore and the worst thing is that they do not make it in silver anylonger.

/ A very sad Pernilla


  1. karinoalexander · May 8, 2012

    Fan vad irriterande! Att folk skall ha så svårt att skilja på ditt och mitt…/Karin

    • pernillabredolt · May 8, 2012

      Sjukt irriterande :( hoppas idioten verkligen njuter av att cykla runt på min cykel.

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