Training. The plan


I have a plan. A training plan. Just 10 weeks but it is a plan and as all other plans it has a goal. For some years I have left everything called trainingplans since I only have been training just for fun and I have done the activity that I felt for. But I for a while I have felt that I miss having goals. The problem when I set up goals is though that I know that I use to be the slave under my own goals and give everything and a bit more to reach them and that is one reason I have not had training plans before – because I do not want to lose all the fun with training. But 10 weeks is not a lot and after these 10 weeks I will evaluate the outcome of my plan to find out the pros and cons. The first session I had tonight. It was not the one in the laundry room – it was 12 km of trailrunning in Hagaparken in 5:20 tempo. Fair enough for a Monday run.

/ A Pernilla with the plan

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