Competition. Olympics


Just before the running party is about to begin SOK announces that Swedens best marathon runner, Mustafa Mohammed is not good enough to run marathon in the olympics. He is though good enough according to international standards. But not Swedish ones. If Sweden will send someone to the olympics they can not come to learn – they also have to deliver result. Not just a result on the result list. They have to be among the eight best in their disicpline. That is not okey for a small nation like Sweden. We cannot afford losing talent, future stars, role models by just creating extra barriers. That is not okey. Not letting the qualified participate in the olympics is exactly the same as if there was a second election among doctors students when all had the marks good enough to enter the program and then only the eight top studens could get the degree – how many doctors would we have by now then? And you all hear how stupied it sounds. Better up SOK.

/ A dissappointed Pernilla

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