Training. Combat


The bodycombat at Worldclass that I took part in this rainy morning was a worldclass class signed by LesMills. An ordinary combat so to say, but a little bit extra fun since I love to train in the white room at Nybroplan I always give a little bit extra when the fighting moves has to be performed in that arena. A fun, sweatty and just amazing combat so to say and my foot feels better now so a Sunday runday is coming up tomorrow.

/ A Pernilla that wishes you a happy Saturday night


  1. Snorkkis · June 16, 2012

    Härlig lördagträning! Och fint foto – det ser ut att vara från mer exotisk plats än Nybroplan.

    • pernillabredolt · June 16, 2012

      Jo, lite mer exotiskt tänkte blanda upp regnbilderna lite :) Igår var det skoj, men nu har jag träningsverken från h. Aja, kunde varit värre

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