Training. Running out of water


10 000 km of running today felt more like 10 000 km. The first two were awsome. One foot infront of the other and without much effort I was at the middle of Strandvägen running to brand new and awsome music in the sunshine. Nothing to complain about at all. Then I got extremely thirsty. Extremely. My brain saw people carrying bottles of water, Ramlösa, wine, Coke, all drinkable items and my biggest wish was to have a drink. I was completely out of water. Okey, I was on an island now, Djurgården, surrounded by Saltsjön but not drinkable water. The runningpath was also wet from the constant rainfall this weekend – but neither that did not help. I was extremely thirsty and concentrate on running was almost impossible. And as you know by now I never give up something I started doing and 10 km was my plan so not finishing this little run was not on the worldmap. Some things I do not learn from mistakes and going running without water happens to me about once every second month. And when I have finished my training session I got the best price ever – almost unlimited acess to cold tap water!

/ A Pernilla that does not recommend running out of water

2 thoughts on “Training. Running out of water

  1. Underbart att vi har vaten vi kan dricka direkt ur kranen här hemma i Sverige i alla fall! :)

    Tack för din snälla kommentar, värmer verkligen! Riktigt nöjd med helgens prestation faktiskt. Nästa år kommer jag tillbaka lite starkare och med lite bättre självförtroende! :)

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