Training. Royality spotting


A sunny, warm summernight ended this perfect Wednesday. After work I teamed up with a bunch of other runners in Rotebro in the North part of Stockholm. I have not been there before and I love to see new places. The plan was to run half of the Olympic Stockholm marathon track and end with an after run at Medborgarplatsen. My initial plan was to do the whole run, but during the run I decided that around 15 km’s would be enough since I will participate in Salomon Stockholm trail run next week and running a half marathon today would not feel ideal. After sightseeing 13 km’s I turned to Hagaparken and finished up when I passed 16 km. That was enough for tonight and I was happy with the revised plan. Happy in my feets and happy about everything. Nothing to complain about. I stretched a bit and then walked a bit and when I was about to exit the beautiful park guess what? I met princess Victoria, prince Daniel and Estelle and got a royal touch on my training session. I should have asked Daniel for some training tips! I was actually not even asking for a photo although I would love to have one because I think they deserve some privacy. But now I am going to sleep as a queen until the alarm clock rings tomorrow and I collected a lot of creds today. First, I made a wise decision to not overrun and then I skipped the afterrun and prioritized sleeping, even though I am officially not looking older than 20 since the SL ticketing people charged me for a minor ticket.

/ A Pernilla

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