Competition. Salomon trail tour


This can be the most adventureous run I ever been doing. Salomon trail tour in Stockholm that I participated in tonight. Hard work pays off and from time to time I really had to put in hard work. I changed from 21 to 10 km because I have some minor issues that I do not want to become worse. The start took place at Ericson Globe and among others the Vasalopp winner Oskar Svärd. My plan for tonight was just to have fun and I had. For the first time I have been all the way up to the top of Hammarbybacken which was a 73 meters mountain to run up for. The run up was not a problem, the one down was. Then the route continued in Nacka reservatet. The trail was very tough at around 50 % of the route and it was almost impossible to run which annoyed me, but the running parts were better. Over sticks and stones, creeks and swamps and then half way up at Hammarbybacken again. It was definitley the most challenging run I ever been doing but I like it and think that the trail running will grow in popularity when people get tired of running marathons. It would be fun going the same distance again to figure out if it was a good or bad performance from my side.

/ A Pernilla

One thought on “Competition. Salomon trail tour

  1. Härligt! Det lät verkligen som en grymt kul lopp. Mer upplevelse än att springa rakt fram på asfalt i två mil :)

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