Travel. Why traveling is good


I thought it was only in London and Stockholm it was raining non-stop but also Paris is a wet city. Not a whole day of rain but some hours in the evening were rainy and gray. I thought a little bit today and realized that I have not spent any holidays since I started to work except christmas in Sweden. Always traveling and I love it so much. Seeing new places, meeting new people, learning new things, exploring and so on. I cannot imagine a life without traveling because after more than one week at the same place doing the same thing I totally bore out. I am of course very happy that I have the opportunity to travel the world. Especially when seeing for example street entertainers that can dream about seeing as many nice places I do in one year in their whole lifetime I feel a bit spoiled but on the other hand, tourism have created a lot and lot of opportunities around the world for people and societies so in total spending holidays traveling is beneficial for everyone and therefore I have concluded that it is okey to travel as much as I feel for and tomorrow I am going to see a new place.

/ A Pernilla with vacation thoughts

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