Travel. Versailles


Versailles – check! And today I ended up at one of the places on my want to visit list. It was not the plan when I left Arlanda on Thursday but it was the right day to come to Versailles especially if you want to practice staying in lines. Well, now I have checked the place all out from inside to outside and walked around the whole huge area. The smart people were running and I am quite sure they collected about 15 km’s to their runweek when they sightsed the place in running shoes. I had my Converse and they also worked out well this sunny day when I activated myself. I do not mind doing things myself but I prefere doing things not by myself and as usual when I am this day I started talking to a local that showed me around in Vesailles outside of the tourist area and also in the neighbourhood Montreaul which was prettier than the prettiest French place you can ever think about! I am just loving this country more and more and much more than more!

/ A Pernilla in France

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