Lecture. News of the week


This week is as quite on the news front as it is to run alongside one of my favourite Stockholm places – Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen a late summernight. I am having three resting days from training now before the summer adventure. My left foot is neither doing good to 100 % so I rest it for all kind of activities tonight. It does not hurt when I run anymore but the day after it feels that something is not as it is supposed to be. Fair enough. I spent some time pleasure Internetting and here comes my top story picks of today:

  • Zlatan’s move to PSG in Resumé from a branding persepctive. Which I personally think in line with Olovzon that he is doing in order to focus on a business career after his soccer career.
  • Norwegian’s negative result for the second quarter which I consider beeing the first one in a row of them. A new kind of aircraft, Boeing 787 – the dreamliner, to a new market is like going into the suicide square at one of the most simple business, Ansoff matrix. It was nice as long as it lasted Björn Kjos and co.

/ A Pernilla that now is going to start a new good night book

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