Training. Well worth it


When I have decided to do something then I do it. A puls spinning was on the afterwork schedule today and all in was the only thing that I counted. I put my puls at the display and then biked, biked and biked a bit more without coming anywhere else than to around 90-92 % of my max pulse. That is sweaty I can tell. The class at SATS Zenit with the rockstar instructor started with 15 minutes of biking (70 % pulse zone) before the real thing settled in. Three times two minute intervalls with one minute rest in between for three sets and set rest of four minutes. I really gave all I had today and it was well worth the effort. My goal was 90-92 % of max in all intervalls, 75 at the one minute breaks and 70 % of max during the set breaks. After this I was like a wet pound. But a endorfin high one. I made it! Hard work pays off and if I can fit one puls spinning into my training schedule every week I am convinced it will pay off well in both terms of happiness, performance and all over wellbeeing!

/ A Pernilla that loves pulse-spinning

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