Style. Wake up call


This morning I was considering skipping my morning workout but I did not. When the alarm clock woke me up I was tired with a capital T. But I got it together and went along with my plan. On the way walking there I met all guests at the hotel Clarion sign in Stockholm. Just before six o’clock they also have been forced to leave their beds and walk out to the park at Norra Bantorget. The fire alarm was on and at this point I really appreciated my early (and planned) wakeup! Just doing it without thinking twice is my best way of how to perform early morning workouts.

/ A Pernilla that today is matching the outfit with the sky

2 thoughts on “Style. Wake up call

  1. jag vet att jag inte skriver fläckfri engelska men det gör jag inte med svenska heller för den delen.

    Anledningen till valet att skriva på engelska är att jag har många internationella läsare samt att jag bott utomlands tidvis under tiden jag bloggar.

    Hoppas det svarar på din fråga.

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