Eats. Inspiration, please!


My cooking ideas are gone and have so been for a long, long time. After the officeday I went into the store and I thought meatballs, minimacaroni and lingonberry jam would be great to put in the lunchbox tomorrow. But my motivation to use an hour for kitchen activities was not there so I left this thought at the shelf where the easy made blodpudding is located. Doing things without motivation will only result in a panncake anyway. So here we go again tomorrow, with the same lunchbox as previous week. Then I thought maybe the brand new ICA magazine Buffé that arrived in my mailbox could help out with a dish for next week but at the same time I opened the magazine and started to check out the ingridient lists I gave up. To much strange stuff and to much work for energy loading. But hey, next week I will definitley get myself together and have a meatball party in my lunchbox the whole week long!

/ A Pernilla that is smelling meatballs from her neighbours

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