Research. My today’s

ImageA current blog trend is to write about today’s. I feel to be mainstream today so here are my today’s:

Today’s training: morning workout with focus at Cardio at SATS Arlanda before the office. Three walk and talks instaed of coffee breaks during the office day.

Today’s perfume: right now there is only one perfume that is my choice and that is my Juicy perfume that I cannot survive without.

Today’s outfit: black dress and boots. Some glitter and glamour to that and a training dag.

Today’s dinner: pizza, mixed sallad and drinks at Vapiano.

Today’s feeling: it is Friday! I am going to finish everything I can to have a smooth start next week.

Today’s purchase: since I am a pro buyer and purchase things all day long I do not use that much of my sparetime for buying things. But as so many other days I have purchased spareparts to aircrafts,

Today’s travel planing: next weekend’s weekend trip to South of France.

Today’s favourite marked Internet site: Linkedin.

Today’s highlight: the whole day have been good so it was all a highlight!

/ A Friday worn out Pernilla

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