Eats. Edamame beans


I forgot my iPhone at the office where I had what would symbolize today’s eat so therefore I move one step forward. Let me introduce tomorrows lunchbox, white fish, mashed potatoes and edamame beans. It is acutally pretty difficult to find the beans where I live because everyone seems to eat them and the stores seldom have them on stock. And it must actually be hard to estimate the need as well because the stores keep track of how many units sold, not how many people who look into the empty fridge and do not buy a pack that will be counted to the sales statistics. But since I prefere to only visit one store to do my groceries I actually have told the store manager to increase their stockholding so I hope they do so with this edamame beans. When I told them to raise the stocklevels of Alpro soy milk, they actually did and I also got a voucher as thank you gift! Becoming a demanding customer is beneficial both for the store and customer. Never forget that friends!

/ A Pernilla that know what she wants

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