Single household living


Before you start read I would just say that this post is not a complaint, it is just facts and my thoughts. I live in a single household and have so done now for 4,5 years and honestly I think I will never ever be comfortable with it. It is actually quite boring but I have learnt to accept it although I hope that I wont live by myself my whole life. The thing I wanted to write about is that it is really inefficient to live by yourself. I just finished my laundry and it is almost 10 pm. It is always a lot of talks about that families and people living in houses that do not have time for this and that but never about that time also is scare for people living in single households. Have someone ever thought about that people living in single households really have to do everything on their own, paying the bills, looking up for insurances, doing groceries, cleaning up, washing clothes, planning the interior, cooking food and so on with just the resources of one person. In a two person household it is possible to lay down and chill out after work if you are tired because then you can share the everyday duties without ending up in a mess and if someone does not feel for cooking you can still have food on the table for dinner if the other part helps out that day. I am just saying, not complaining, because everyone has a choice of living by themselves or sharing the days and nights with others but seriously it seems like many people does not reliaze that time can be scare also for people living in single households and that is worth thinking about.

/ Some thoughts from Pernilla

2 thoughts on “Single household living

  1. Det bästa blogginlägg jag läst. Ever.
    Det är hur mycket lättare som helst att.hinna,med allt när man är två.
    Veronica (som för tiden har ett single household och hoppas på att hitta Mr. Right.)

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