Tourism on the paper

I have been reading Victoriaofgavle’s blog for quite some time and I have to say that I get impressed by her. She works hard and study hard at her free time. Myself I am sometimes missing reading things for a purpose so I signed up for a summer course at the university just for fun. So appart from spending my free time I am trying to learn something that I am interested in so right now I am taking a course in tourism called “Turismens pris” (Price of the tourism). It is pretty interesting this far and although I think that the litterature is a bit outdated since it is some years old I enjoy it. Right now I am writing a paper about all-inclusive resorts and the costs/benefits of it for the local population. A topic that I have lots of both experience and thoughts about. So while others are on vacation enjoying all-inclusive resorts I am reading about them, all choosen by myself so fair enough.

I have a quite efficient study technique because I do the research and read articles when I walk home from work and when I get home I write it all down. A quite different studdy technique but it works for me.

Image/ Pernilla in study mode

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