Hey it’s Monday

and for the first time in months I actually enjoyed being at work. After work I went to SATS for a combat class hosted by Tepp and it was brilliant. As always. And as the housewife I am I also have to take care of all the musts like cleaning my place, doing laundry, fixing my flowers and so on so that I have also done today with a smile. I always get in good mode when the August starts so even the musts are fun. Anyone with me? My absolute favorite season of the year actually just started.

/ Pernilla in rocksta mode

Hometown weekend

Spending the weekend at my mums and dads place was not that bad. Now I am on the way back home to Stockholm and I wish I could have brought the backyard and house with me. Today was quite relaxing. I have been running, picking blueberries in the forest near Irsta, eaten blueberry pie, listened to podcasts while relaxing in the sun and had my all time favorite food for dinner. Now I don’t need to eat for a week after this foodie weekend! 

/ Pernilla the blueberry lover

Forest fun run

Sneaky pose after a 20K run in the Gryta and Rocklunda forests. Yesterday I ate lots of food so I had energy up over my ears to use on today’s run. I wanted to relive old memories and run the Rocklunda track because I remembered it as a quite challenging route. My memory was not lying. It was really up and down, up and down all around. Great training for the upcoming alp adventure and I enjoyed it today all around. The route was more challenging than Ursvik extreme in my opinion. At Ursvik there are a few ups but here the whole track is rollercoasterlike. Now I am back at my parents place again after 20 fun kilometers in the forest. I did of course not do my best when it came to chasing for a good time but I was 20 minutes faster than at Chicago hot-hot halfmarathon a few weeks ago so you can imagine how crazy tough that was.

/ Pernilla the runner 

Road trip in Västmanland

I am visiting my hometown this weekend and as always it is super relaxed. Yesterday I chilled out at a friends lovely crib at Östet Mälarstrand, today I been to another friends top class Bodybalance class at Worldclass. I can tell it was a world class gym that is well worth a visit if you pass by here. The afternoon I have been doing a bit road tripping and found a cute village called Ängelsberg and I also checked out the area where last years huge fire took place. That was interesting to see. The landscape is like a tourist attraction and it remeninds me of Iceland since there no trees anymore. 

/ Pernilla the road trip lover

Laid back Thursday

Stockholm slowly gets back to its usual pace after being in vacation mode since midsummer. Nowadays I actually see people outside when heading for work in the morning and when going to the supermarket after work I do have to stand in line again. After a busy week (as always) this far at the office and also with after work training I am having a day off doing anything this evening. I have just been at home packing for the weekend trip to V-town, chilling, organizing at home and for a walk to watch the flowers I take care of while others are off to adventures  in the south. Now I am watching some athletics at TV from Stadion and feeling the pepp for moment after this laid back Thursday. Tomorrow, tomorrow I will go for a morning run before work. Promise.

/ Pernilla living the relaxed Sthlm life

Purple power

Hello, I got home delivery of my new pair of Adidas Boston Boost shoes yesterday and this morning tried them out. They were fab. The 10 K run felt heavy though. But no surprise after a tough combat class last night. I know it was going to be tough but I think that sometimes it is good to train when you are tired to get used to it.

Now I have rested my legs at my office chair and I just finished some banana pancakes for lunch. Thanks for the inspo Bottne and co. I had almost forgotten this goodie.

/ Pernilla the pancake lover

Travel thoughts

I have a small little luxury case related to travel right this moment. The thing is that I have a few days of summer vacation in the middle of August but I don’t know where to go or my destinations of choice is not really suitable to visit if no one is joining. Cuba would be more than fun but then it is the visa hassle and also the flight times are not made for going less than ten days, Mongolia I don’t wanna go myself, Nepal is probably damaged from the earthquake, South Island in NZ is too far for this trip, Chile is off season, Tel aviv might not be secure, same thing with Libanon and Marrakesh, Mallorca and Italy are crowded with tourists, China is too hot, the flights to Montreal does not leave when it suits me, India faces the problem of the visa issue, Mauritius would be fun but no option to bring a travel partner there, Middle East is steaming hot, Croatia has unstable weather, Baku requires visa, Tibet is complicated in terms of paperwork aswell, Egypt you should probably not visit if not needed as you see this is quite complicated. On a luxury level. And going to the U.S. again… Well I wouldn’t mind but three times in three months I can’t really motivate that to myself when there are so many places to visit although every US trip is unique and it is convenient to go there. All travel suggestions are welcome, two more weeks to decide but going withing Europe I save for weekend trips. I guess this little issue will solve itself or worst case is that I stay home at work and do vacation another time.

/ Pernilla with high flying Monday thoughts