Everything comes to an end…

Hello! Hope you are doing great. I am enjoying every moment of the fall and it was not my meaning to just quit blogging all of a sudden. I really enjoy blogging but at one day when I was in Denver my blog limit was reached and I have since the beginning written more than 5 500 blog posts since I started in 2009. Well, everything comes to an end and although I really, really enjoy blogging I somehow think this will be it for this blog. At least for now. It feels kind of sad to write these words and I am absoultley not tired of bloging so I want to continue blogging if I feel it is the right place to blog at. I have been enjoying writing since I was five and got my first diary and wrote my first note “Hi, today I have played with X and Y. We played in the forest. It was fun but Y is boring.” So from now on I will only use my instagram (pillab) for updates. Since my last blog post ten days ago I have spent some enjoyable Days in New York, finished my fastest halfmarathon ever (1:44:39), eating B&J ice Cream while I should been sleeping in SAS business class at SK904, been to London for an aviation fair for two days with work, been running in foggy Stockholm and enjoyed a deluxe Sunday brunch. A lot of fun stuff so to say and in the coming weeks there seems to be no end of fun. On Wednesday I head to Dubai, then Hong Kong, after that Halloween is coming up and the week after that I will go to Athens to run this years third marathon. All this without having a blog. It feels kind of strange just to think about it. But honestly, doesn’t blogging feels a over and out today? Time for me to move on. My archive will still be here if you want to read some old stories.


/ Pernilla that already miss blogging


Hello from the Rockies! After a night flight I arrived in a grey Denver. This city has 300 sunshine days a year but this was not one of those. I have been checking out the city center today and it had some highlights but also some drawbacks like the many people living on the streets. Tomorrow I hope it will be sunny and I have big plans for hiking. It is raining here now so I am doing some research about great hikes. As it looks now I will head to Boulder tomorrow and the day after to a place south of he city, think it was called red rocks. I am really excited!

 / Pernilla in Colorado

Honolulu days

3 days beach, 3 days mountains and 3 days city vacation. That is equal so I changed my flight and are heading to Colorado tonight instaed of tomorrow night. Hawaii has been fab though. Nice weather, nice beaches and some running. All what I needed and wanted. 

I went for a morning run today aswell. 10K towards Ala Moana beach park. It is a very scenic route that I recommend for running here.

Then I was checking out the mall but didn’t find what I was looking for so I bough sushi to eat on the beach. 

 And it is on the beach and in the water I have been spending the afternoon. The sky cleared up and I was reading book about logistics and strategy. Nothing new but it is always fun to read student literature when you know how it works in the real business world. 
In true Aloha spirit I ended this vacation by checking out the sunset at Waikiki. I really hope to come back to this beutiful island again!

/ Pernilla at Hawaii

Hawaii days

Aloha from Hawaii! It is already my sfavorite cond day here and this far I have enjoyed beaches, been out running, drinking water and smoothies and doing nothing more. Living the vacation life so to say. It is nice and warm here, around 30 degrees and I am happy about my destination of choice. This island has everything I need for a vacation, nice beaches, nice people, nature and good for running.

Checking out some Hawaiian flowers on the morning run.

 10K morning run footie at Diamond head beach road.

Exploring Hanumle bay which was a great place for snorkeling. Took half an hour with the local bus from Waikiki.

/ Pernilla at Hawaii 

A day in Japan

Good morning Sweden! I just spent my Saturday number one this week in Narita just outside Tokyo. A quite ugly town but they had a nice temple and park. It was ur hot so I was floating away in my winter clothes when walking around. I also chilled a bit at Starbucks after my walk. Now it is time to fly to my first destination – Hawaii and spend the second Saturday of this week.

/ Pernilla in Japan 


My delayed summer vacation has now been kicked off. Yesterday I departed with SAS towards Copenhagen then the long flight to Narita in Japan where I am now.

The big bus RKF was the plane of the day and since the A340s still has the old cabin it was a nostalgic trip. I like those seats though and the food was premium as always. 

Awesome Serrano ham as a starter. And of course some wine. And champagne.

 And cannelloni as main course. I always eat pasta when it is an option and this one was much better than the previous cannelloni that was served because it was not so cheesy and dying heavy.
7 hours of sleep later I woke up to breakfast in bed. It was as always when flying over Russia a pretty shaky flights which I don’t mind but I woke up from the turbulence a few times. I was not feeling too tired and now I have ten hours in Japan before continuing to Hawaii.

/ Pernilla in Japan

Maximum energy

Tomorrow is a big day. My postponed summer vacation part one starts and I will head to the U.S so it was the last opportunity to visit SATS in a while and I took it. Times two. At a SATS that I only been to once before, Medis. But it  as super fun especially the first part of my combo evening consisting of combat and pump. 

In the beginning I was not positive to this combat release but now I love it. It is often so for me because I hate to not know the routine and then I don’t like it. Luckily my opinion has a tendency to turn when I learn the know how and can do my best so I had a great first part of my dubbel dip day.

The pump class I just went to because I need to. One hour of weight training a week is good for my body but definitely not a favorite. No, thanks to running, yoga, combat, spinning, skiing, florball, soccer and shape classes. Then we are talking about training. Now my energy is over for today since I maxed it all out during the classes so now I am just saying good night world!

/ Pernilla lives double dippin