Todo Thursday

life is not always about doing fun things so today I have spent my spare time doing needed things like:

- Folding laundry and put it back into my closet. Boring factor: 5/5

- Cleaning the toilet. Boring factor: 5/5

- Walking to Mood galleria to pick up the race pack for Adidas #energytakeoverSTHLM run. Boring factor: 4/5

- Working out at the best possible option at SATS Regeringsgatan, Piloxing. Boring factor: 2/5

- Baking cookies for tomorrow’s fredagsfika at work when I did not felt for baking at all. Boring factor: 5/5

But now I am done and boring things also have to be done. My best advice is to just do them and think after. Now I feel happy that I am done with them all and can cross them over from my to do list. 


/ Pernilla the todoer  

Waffle Wednesday

Hello, if you have not already noticed I have to say it is a special Wednesday today. Waffle Wednesday. So how have I spent this day? Eating waffles of course but what else?

05:50: wake up time, getting dressed and having my home baked toasted bread and Tropicana juice for breakfast.

06:30: biking to the office. It was super cold today.

06:51: checking in at SAS Frösundavik for yet another day at the office. The morning I did routine tasks and went to a daily status meeting to report and get to know if any aircrafts where not flying due to technical issues and raise a warning for potential upcoming issues. In the aviation business safety is always first!

11:30: lunchtime and I had a quick break in the cantine having a sallad.

12:30: meeting with a supplier where we got through their product portfolio and looked at a new kind of headsets for the pilots. 

16:25: time to check out and bike home. I realized it was pretty cold. Felt like winter again.

17:00: I loaded two machines of laundry then I made dinner. Waffles of course due to the waffle day served with Bens and Jerrys frozen yoghurt ice cream and blueberry jam. Carbo loading deluxe so to say.

18:15: I headed to SATS Sveavägen to warm up my sore muscles at the treadmill before it was time for the fab indoor running class.

19:00: indoor running. Also called training deluxe. My legs felt great today and I ran like I had stolen something. Could it be the waffle effect?

20:15: back home and I felt for doing massive cleaning. But I limited myself to my shoe shelf and one kitchen cabinet.

21:00: watching the news. The one and only thing I watch at tv on a regular basis. Now I will finally take a shower and go to bed read my book.

How has your waffle day been? Did you got any waffles?


/ Pernilla the waffle lover


I cannot do anything else than be sorrow for everyone who lost their lives in yesterdays planecrash in the French Alps. It is so tragic and I hope that we will get to know what really happen. Of course I will not stop flying because of the accident since accidents can happens anywhere anytime but when a plane crashes with deadly outcome it feels so extreme. So many lost lives in minues, so many people that get affected. RIP 4U9525.4U9525

/ Pernilla #indeepsorrow (Picture source from a Lufthansa friend)

Workout week

Hello, now I am back home again and I actually got home on Sunday evening after a long journey through Paris and Copenhagen. It does feel pretty good to be home but as always I do not plan to stay for that long. Next week I am going to am going to South East Asia during Eastern but first a workout week here at home is my plan. It started yesterday with the Monday party at SATS Stadhagen. The super shape class followed by Bodyjam. Today I plan for yet another SATS visit and I also hope to squeeze in some running before Premiärmilen on Sunday. Happy days, workout week is here and I have lots of motivation for training right now!


/ Pernilla in workout mode

Bye bye beach


Hello, last post for this Florida trip. I have done some running today and now I am trying to fly back home. Trying is the right term to use because the Lufthansa strike yesterday resulted in hundreds of grounded pax and overbooked flights today. And I am not the first one in line getting on a plane across the Atlantic so to say. But miracles have happened before… I have had a wonderful time here in the US and the worst case scenario is that I will go back to Washington tonight and fly home from there tomorrow so it could be worse.

/ Pernilla leaving Florida