Biking weekend

Now my weekend trip in Holland is almost over and it has been a great time as always when being here or somewhere else with my former Deutch study buddy and nowadays travel friend in crime. The weekend has been about chilling and bikes.

 In Holland there are bikes all around and of course we have used a bike as mean of transportation this weekend. In addition to spacious bikingparkings  they also have signs showing how many spots are left at each place like for cars at home. 
 We also spent this day in sunny Utrecht and got up at 10 to have a nice breakfast before watching Tour de France again. Today it was the second etap on the way to Paris where the tour ends at the 26 July. It was 225 km and started in Utrecht and ended in Zeeland and of course we watched from the front row.
Pretty cool to see all bikers but it was over in 15 seconds and I do not want to mention how long we waited for them to pass by. It was nice and sunny so well it did not really felt like waiting but the arrangement had room for improvement. For instance why not add some performances along the route while hundreds of thousands people are watching? Anyway it was pretty fun to watch and it was a true festival spirit in the whole city. After watching the tour we went on our bike to cool down and continue our relaxing theme at a swimming pool. 

/ Pernilla summing up a good summer weekend 

Holland fun

So far so good! After arriving in Utrecht last evening I met up my friend and we went to a garden party followed by some partying outside at a square in the middle of Utrecht. The whole city is in party mode since Tour de France starts off here this weekend and Deutch people know how to trough a party so we had quite some fun. Then we biked home in the heat and tried to sleep in the even more hotter house. It was damn hot but we managed to sleep until 11! 

Today we started with breakfast before heading out to watch the grand depart of Tour de France. 
 With over a million people on the street do I have to say it was crowded? The bikers where so fast so we could just see them for a few seconds but check on the to experience in life things.

  After some hours we got enough of crowds so we biked to a beach club called Down under and had some great dinner. I got a tuna sallad which was fab!

  And here is the beach club where we hang out right now. Do I have to mention that the swim in the lake was well needed and deserved after a day in 37 degree warm Holland?

/ Pernilla in Utrecht 


I am so in love with the weather outside at the moment. It has been a long week at the office with overload of work but I don’t really mind cooling off during the hottest hours in the office. Now when the days are long I try to take advantage of that and after work yesterday I badly felt for a swim so I visited Vanadisbadet to swim and cool off for 1000 meters of criss crossing around everyone else swimming in the pool. On my way home I passed by SATS Odenplan and went for a Bodypump class. Then it was almost time to say good night when I came home.

This morning I also started with some movement. Most likley my last training session for this week. I went out for a 9K run in Hagaparken and it was fab. But lesson learned, next week I will for sure end with a swim before settling down at my office desk. Let’s bring it on Friday! 


Swimming, cannoying, SUP yoga, inline skating, outdoor yoga and running are definitely my favorite summer workouts although I do some of them to seldom. Which are yours?

/ Pernilla doing workout between work

The not so happy end

Wednesday and a day filled with summer feelings, sun, celebrations of the fantastic U21 soccer gold medal, happy smiles, productive high pace day at work, outside dinner and a class of Bodycombat. Yes I am an addict again. Sorry. Up until here the day was as good as a no special Wednesday could be then when I came to the locker room at SATS Fridhemsplan and a minute later one girl asked me if someone had broken into my locker and I was like “no” (just picked mine up) but then another girl from the combat class came and someone had broken into hers aswell. A fourth combat participant and non of us couldn’t believe it. So stupid. If it is something I really, really hate it is people that steal from others. Now the girls stood there in their bloody sweaty training gear without a clue about who could help them out. Their phones, work laptops, keys, id’s, clothes were all gone. What to do? Me and the other girl asked to help them out but we couldn’t help with anything. I guess the only thing to do is to get somone who can open the door home. Things like this really makes me so angry. What is the problem with people? Why is it necessary to make life difficult and steal from others? I do actually wished they took my bag today because I had nothing in it except a towel and a bikini because I was eventually planning to go swimming after the class. My phone and keys I kept with me to the class since I have it attached to my other keys. Stupid stupid people. The combat was great though and the view when walking home aswell.

 / Pernilla hating stupid people 

Post combat satus

This is how I look and feel after a special edition kick ass body combat class at SATS Odenplan.

 Black circles of trashy mascara under my eyes, having the very basest hair day ever with mixed sweat and just crappy unbrushed some kind of blond color, dressed in a “I am on fire” tee but now I am not and a pair of comfy shorts from the 90’s. Tepp’s combat class was absolutley 100% awesome as always. My combat addiction is back and I want to combat every day although I am everything else than on fire right now.

 So I recover by reading the latest issue of Elle and drinking water at my balcony. Happy Monday! 
/ Pernilla the combat lover