World wide Västerås

I actually felt for spending the weekend in Stockholm since it was ages since I was there but somehow I went to my hometown Västerås. It is not my favorite place on earth but it is relaxing here.

 The forest ten meters from my parents house, filled with lovely threes and one of my favorite running routes that I of course took a 10Ker at.

  And I have been driving a bit also. That was ages ago. But the XC60 is almost like driving at a roller coaster in a theme park so I survived and thought it was fun. That rarely happens if it ever happened!

 So after running and driving what else is needed to make a day complete? A burger of course. BBQed and eaten outside in the garden. Today I realized how much I am missing to have a garden. I am more a house person than an apartment one. Can someone give me a house, at the water, with a pool, large garden and close to everything?

/ Pernilla the outdoor lover 

Combat ftw

You can call me crazy if you like, the fact is that I invested one hour of my spare time for indoor training. The first day when it is perfect afterwork weather here in Stockholm but hey, the 60 minutes was very well invested. It was a real kick ass class at Worldclass Vasastan that a dear childhood friend of mine hosted. 60 minutes of fighting spirit where I thought about nothing else than getting the most out of every kick, punch, uppercut and so on. Now I am exhausted. Just the way it should be after 60 minutes of kickass training. So if you are short of time and want to train your heart, kick some ass combat is the shit! 

   / Pernilla in grounded position 

3 trips from luxuary to budget

The last month I have been traveling to three destinations, three times the fun and three all different traveling styles. I really enjoy the mix of destinations and they have all been great. The luxuary trip, the middle way trip and the budget one.

IMG_2463Luxuary version in Beijing: flying in Beijing with SAS Business class, staying at a five star hotel, travel around in taxi, eating at upscale places and doing everything that is convineint.

IMG_2658The golden middle way: using SAS Eurbonus Points for a trip in SAS go to Paris over a weekend, staying at Radisson Boulougne, traveling with the metro, eating junk food and mostly enjoying the great outdoors that Paris has to offer.


Budget trip to Riga: Latvia was really a low cost country and I also used some Eurobonus points to purchase the flight for. In Riga I stayed at a small and cute hostel that was almost free. I had the sweetest roommate from Italy that also was running the Marathon, the food was very cheap and good quality and as transportation I used my feets.

To sum up, I love all kinds of travels. It is the mix and variation that makes it fun. The plus with luxuary travel is that it is convinent but the adventure factor is close to zero, the bugdet travels has higher adventure factor but the convinence is also less. What do you prefer? or do you do the mixed situation based way of traveling?

/ Pernilla the travel lover

The Hagahill & burgers

Finally, and I mean finally I have now tried the food at Flipping burgers. The burger got 5/5 P’s, the French fries 2/5 P’s, the waiting time 1/5 P’s but I am not a French fries liker and the waiting time we shortened by ordering take away and go to my place right across the street. But the burger itself was burger heaven. Like my favorite burger place Shake Shack which in total is a 5 star experience in all categories. But now I have tried the flippin success place and going back is definitely something I will do. 

And just so you know, burgers tase better after a real workout so before the burger hangout I was running up and down the huge hill in Hagaparken for an hour. 

/ Pernilla the burger lover

Immersive fitness – the trip II

Last night I was at SATS Stureplan and tried out the brand new spinning class, immersive fitness, the trip 2. Sounds cool right? It was. It was the next level of spinning expereince. It felt like you where biking in a video game. The screen was like an imax one and I just say wow. I am not easily impressed by this was really, really good. The class was though only 30 minutes so I prolonged it with my favorite SATS Powerstep. I really had an energy filled training blast on the rainy Tuesday and visit an immersive fitness class is definitley something I will do again. I am just hoping for that SATS will introduce immersive combat aswell!

Immersive fitness

/ Pernilla in training heaven (pic from SATS/google)