There are always reasons…


There are always reasons to go for a training session. Today I do not have many but since I need a shower as well as passing by the library to hand in some Lonley planets, why not take a stop over at SATS for a pump class instaed of having a stay at home-doing-nothing evening that I know for sure will bore me out before eight o’clock. And since I really, really bad want to participate in Vasaloppet in 2014 my weak arms needs to be game. So hereby I promiss myself to increase all arm and shoulder weights during the class.

/ Pernilla preparing for training

Training. Combat Wednesday

ImageLike so many other Wednesdays this summer I have spent this evening at SATS St Eriksbron performing Bodycombat. I just love this release and it becomes more and more fun every week. And as always I was also wrapping the training session up with 30 minutes at the crosstrainer. I actually think I have a quite good training schedule right now. Monday Runday, Tuesday is restday or whatever I feel like day, Wednesday is combat & gym day, Thursday is Runday or superspinning day, Friday is afterwork workout when I do whatever I feel for or just after workday, Saturday’s that I spend at home is long run day and Sundays evening pump and one more class day. So tomorrow is supposted to be runday or spinningday, but no – my schedule is very flexible and I have another combat session booked. An outdoor combat.

/ Pernilla at her hombase

Weekend. A little bit of everything

ImageNext week, half of 2013 have passed by. That is crazy. But for some reason I feel that 2013 moves slower than what 2012 and 2011 did although I am kind of doing the same things: work, do training and travel. I just finished my third serving of yoghurt and strawberries for today and also my third training session for today. This week has in terms of training consisted of a for me average volume of training; around 40 kilometers of running, one spinning class, two pump classes, one GRIT class, one ABS class and one hour of floorball. Now I am researching a bit about the destinations where I plan to travel on Thursday when my first summer holiday starts. No one has yet been able to guess where I plan to go and I do not think someone will make the right guess either. Before I will fly away on Thursday after work I plan to do some training next week. On Monday I will go to Runday. Tuesday I will join the trail tripple in Ursvik or a 90 minutes spinningpulse class at SATS but that depends on if I will work from home since I will have some painting guys coming here or not. On Wednesday my plan is to visit Linn‘s combat class and Thursday a lunch run is on the schedule. What I will train and do the remaining days depends on which vacation destination I will go to. Now I won’t go anywhere or do anything more today except visit my shower.

/ Pernilla in summer Stockholm

Thoughts. Marathon strategy

ImageThe above picture is taken just after I finished my first real marathon, the Brussels one in 2010. Today it is time for my fourth real marathon and although I have been running the marathon distance and further than that a couple of times I am a marathon rookie. The route in Stockholm I have been running tons and tons of times but not all together. But a marathon is not like a normal run because it is not only based on how good you are at running, it is also psychological so you need to have a plan how to run it. My plan for today is to wear my Adidas skirt and favorite supernova tee, Gococo socks, Adidas Energy boost shoes and my Nathan water belt. The running plan is as follows, the first 5 km’s is real warm up then Söder Mälarstrand is coming up which is pretty short but I fear this way the most since I have many bad running memories from here. But after that my favorite bridge Västerbron is coming up and the view from the top is the best. When that is finished the 10 km mark will be passed at the fab Norr Mälarstrand and here you get a feeling of how the race will turn out. If you will have a good or bad marathon day. Then the next four kilometers leads to my casa Vasa so that route I know by heart although it is nothing special. The following kilometers leads to Stadion and then the first lap is over. In my mind I always focus on running a half marathon at the start and during this route the half marathon is completed close to where a friend of mine lives. Then Gärdet and Djurgården is coming up and from there I have good memories from for example Tjejmilen so I will pretend I am running a Tjejmil after I have completed the half marathon. Then the sights at Djurgården is a memory when “Tjejmilen” is finished and the 30 km mark will also be passed. The feeling of running more than 30 kilometers is always good so that you can live with for some kilometers until “my” bridge is coming up again. Then it is one Vårrus and a little tiny part left, then, then the 42 195 meters are hopefully documented in my Nike sportswatch.

/ Pernilla with running thoughts

Eats. Müsli, always müsli

ImageFor some hours this afternoon I thought about making something real to eat for dinner and got some suggestions at twitter. But during the Arlanda Express trip home I realized that if I am going to bore out in the supermarket and kitchen I won’t be able to go running before midnight and if I choose between training or eating I would in every single case pick training. And that is what I am going to do now when my swiss inspired müsli has been digested.

/ Pernilla in training mode

Work. Dream big & work hard

ImageWhen the working day was over for today I headed to a meeting so I was home pretty late tonight. I was dealing with myself if I should do some to-do’s or go out for a walk but tonight I picked the to-do’s so I also got a chance to watch the TV news. There was a lot of talks about the high unemployment level among young people and I agree that the labour market is not easy to navigate although you have education. But I am convinced it is not impossible to find employment. With enough effort and ambition to make the best out of everything I do belive that everyone who wants to work can find a job. Maybe not the dream job, but a job that provides enough living for putting food on the table. When I think back on my first job it was definitley not a dream of mine but it was a job, I earned my own money, I did something, learned something and got some experience. It was my first real job when I got a salary at my banking account when I just have turned 16 the summer before I started high school. I have always seen myself as an office worker and this summer in 1998 I was working with Excel lists, making diagrams and tables 40 hours a week for six weeks at the nuclear company Westinghouse Electric Sweden. As I said, it was definitley not my dream job, but it was a job and I learned something. I think that many people today think that they will get their dream job right away but I do not think that is realistic in many cases. A boring job is at least better than no job in my opinion and a boring job can lead to experience, contacts, insights and so on, but honestly I am very tired to listen to claims that the labour market is so tough for young people. It is tough, but it is not impossible to find a way to make living. I think the best way to live your dream is to dream big and always do your best.

/ A Pernilla thought

Travel. Asia tour


My travel plans are as flexible as other peoples travelplans with subway. My first idea was to go to Tokyo this long weekend but I also felt for a visit to Seoul and then the upcoming weekend feels a bit short so I postponed it to June after I been to Moscow. I have not spend May in Sweden in many years so that will be fun. Last year I was in the Caribbean and US, the year before in Singapore and Thailand, the year before that in France and before that I was living in Seoul so it feels like a new world to see how the threes are growing, itching the eyes because of pollen, going for picknics and outdoor wining. The time from now until midsummer must be the best one in Sweden the first half of the year!

/ Pernilla in Stockholm