I cannot do anything else than be sorrow for everyone who lost their lives in yesterdays planecrash in the French Alps. It is so tragic and I hope that we will get to know what really happen. Of course I will not stop flying because of the accident since accidents can happens anywhere anytime but when a plane crashes with deadly outcome it feels so extreme. So many lost lives in minues, so many people that get affected. RIP 4U9525.4U9525

/ Pernilla #indeepsorrow (Picture source from a Lufthansa friend)

Workout week

Hello, now I am back home again and I actually got home on Sunday evening after a long journey through Paris and Copenhagen. It does feel pretty good to be home but as always I do not plan to stay for that long. Next week I am going to am going to South East Asia during Eastern but first a workout week here at home is my plan. It started yesterday with the Monday party at SATS Stadhagen. The super shape class followed by Bodyjam. Today I plan for yet another SATS visit and I also hope to squeeze in some running before Premiärmilen on Sunday. Happy days, workout week is here and I have lots of motivation for training right now!


/ Pernilla in workout mode

Bye bye beach


Hello, last post for this Florida trip. I have done some running today and now I am trying to fly back home. Trying is the right term to use because the Lufthansa strike yesterday resulted in hundreds of grounded pax and overbooked flights today. And I am not the first one in line getting on a plane across the Atlantic so to say. But miracles have happened before… I have had a wonderful time here in the US and the worst case scenario is that I will go back to Washington tonight and fly home from there tomorrow so it could be worse.

/ Pernilla leaving Florida

Friday in Florida


Far from snow I have spent this Friday here in sunny Florida. I started with a high carb breakfast with scones and an apple before heading out for a 10K run at the beach walk.  

 Well, next Sunday it is time for Premiärmilen so better start carb loading already. Or not. I love the small Florida scones and therefore I eat them with good appetite. I do actually not like to eat when it is this warm so my diet mainly consist of Starbucks frappe, frozen yoghurt and yoghurt with musli when I am in warm countries. Once in a while I feel the need for something salty and then I have a burger, nuts or sushi. It was the same when I lived in this climate. 

But apart from beach life and Florida eats I just have a few chapters left in the second book for this trip. Fifty shades of grey and like millions of others I really like it. If I will watch the movie? Probably not. I heard it is not a good one and I do not want to change the good impression I got from the book. 

/ Pernilla in Miami

Vacation thoughts

Here I am. In the sunshine state laying under an umbrella at the pool occupied by vacation thoughts and 30 year old crisis. Honestly I feel a bit lost at the moment. I am doing a lot of fun things, collecting memories and so on but it is not leading somewhere. The same thing at work. It was more staright forward when I was at the uni. You had one semester and then the next one, one course that lead you to the next level. I don’t really like this just doing thing. I want to do things for a purpose and that it should lead somewhere. And the somewhere is the next level, a more difficult one. 

As I said, I feel a bit lost. On the other hand I have known almost the whole life what I want to do with my life like getting a family have kids, travel the world, do cool outdoor things, be a manager, arrange events and work within the airline industry. Well I am doing some of the above and I am a person who is picky and hard to satisfy, I don’t appreciate good enough things I like it to be perfect. Well, it is not easy when it is hard. I wish I get a place to Vasaloppet when the application opens on Sunday, book another marathon into my agenda and that I get into one of the summer course that I have applied for, at one point meet me right, get the opportunity to further eore the world and be around with people that I like. End of thoughts for today, now I need to go into the pool.


  / Pernilla in Florida