Welcome Sofia!

Look what I bought today! A brand new and awesome bike Monark Sofia. It is nearly 10 days since my old Crescent bike became scrap after around 15 years of daily service so for ten long days I have been walking around but now that is over. I am so happy for my new bike and cross my fingers no one will steal it from me like they did with my Crescent Rissa bike and another crappy one. I have invested in a superstrong lock (which I also had for the previous ones) and I am so excited to go biking so I was out exploring Solna for an hour and a half this afternoon. Tomorrow I will for sure take a bike tour aswell!

/ Pernilla with a new bike

Afterworkout run

TGIF. This Friday has not been the most productive one in my life. The officeday felt endless and the whole day my eyes was closer to being closed than open. But I survived. Merely. I have felt the need for some training the whole long day so I went for a run this evening. 10 simple kilometers alongside the waters of Stockholm. I rarely run on Friday evenings but when I need it I do it and tonight I badly needed it. Tomorrow I will sleep in and prepare for the Nike Women’s run that takes place here in Stockholm tomorrow evening. Afterwork out – done. Anyone else who has been on the move tonight although it is Friday evening?

/ Pernilla that enjoyed an afterworkout 

Biz trip to Hamburg day

I spent less than 48 hours in Stockholm since I got back from New York before I left again. This time I can’t say that I was tired of being home but never the less I had a business trip awaiting so today I been to Hamburg the whole long day.

  I did of course flew with SAS there and as always the plane was captured at my insta account (pillab). A planefie is a must in the insta age. Remember that.

 The flight was nice and smooth and we arrived to Hamburg on time. Thereafter I have spent the whole day (except for lunch) at our chemical suppliers site inside a meeting room.

  Once we was finished my head felt like a fluffy cloud like always after a full working day of discussions. And then what is better than relaxing in the comfy chairs at the Lufthansa lounge before flying home?

 On the way home I took a little nap and enjoyed tasteful SAS Plus dinner. Yepp, that was my day at work today. Started early and not yet ended and to those of you thinking I am having lots of vacation how many long working days like this do you have a year? Think twice before you say something about how much vacation I have during a year.

/ Pernilla that is almost home after a great biz trip

From NYC to Ursvik Extreme

I like contrasts in life. Less than 24 hours ago I was in the bustling city of New York and a few hours ago I was running the Ursvik Extreme track outside Stockholm with some colleagues. In the forest far from skyscrapers, constantly alarming firetrucks and so on. It was only my second time visiting Ursvik since it is “far” from my place but I really, really liked it. It is exactly the kind of forest I mostly enjoy running in. I am already looking forward to the next time hitting the extreme.

/ Pernilla the extreme runner

Last call from the big apple

Time flies and almost time to leave my dear US&A for this time.

 This beutiful day started with a session in the hotel gym, a Starbucks brekkie, a walk in Central Park and then some random walking in the city where I made some  questbar shopping. Now we are at EWR waiting to board LN-RKO back to Scandinavia.
/ Pernilla that is getting ready for a transatlantic flight

Sunday in NYC

And Saturday turned out to be Sunday and I am still in NYC. It has been a hot day here today with 30 degrees but I like the heat.

 The day started with brekkie at my favorite Le pain Quotadien and now I have made my friend addicted to this chain aswell. Win.

  Then we walked walked and walked. First stop was 9/11 memorial where I have not been before. It was special. Very nice but the feeling was special so to say.

 The we walked the whole Highline. Sounds like a walkacation doesn’t it? It was hot but great to just stroll around.

 When we were finished with that we walked even more, checked out some stores and walked back to the hotel for a gym session and shower.

  Now we are Downtown again having dinner and wine in the Italian hoods. But listen up we took the subway down there this time. 

/ Pernilla in the apple 

The big and fab apple

Saturday and yet another day in my beloved US is almost to an end. It has been a great day filled with NYC stuff. This city is one of the few I keep on coming back to and it has its reasons like: 

 Central Park. That is the place where I kicked off this morning with a halfmarathon run.

   Fantastic NYC styled buildings that I mingled around alongside in SoHo.

   Amazing bridges like the classical Brooklyn bridge that I walked over today.  

And Shake Shack in Madison where I right now enjoy the worlds best shroom burger. Now my energy reserves are filled up again for some more hours at Manhattan.

/ Pernilla loving NYC