How to spend a day at ORD

I am on my way home from Alaska now. The first flight was a 6,5 hours sleep in cozy Alaskan seats. I was freezing to death though so that part was less comfortable. Now I am waiting for the SK flight to Stockholm. Quite boring to wait but I am working and sitting in the Air France KLM VIP lounge so are not that bad off. Nice food, great sofas, wifi and premium view over the runway. What more can you expect while waiting?

/ Pernilla eating lounge food

Hiking Flattop mountain

Alaska, Alaska, Alaska. This 49th state is pretty cool. It is nature magic and magic mountain magic all over the place. Today I started with 15K running at the Costal Trail just to see it the last time. The run went well and thereafter I have been hiking many hours to the top of Flattop mountain (1070m). A bit of clouds made the pictures a bit blurry but I will keep it great place in my memory. Here comes a whole bunch of mountain pics from a great outdoor day. Of course I was hiking in a dress. Like a pro.

 / Pernilla the hiking lover

Biking and hiking in Anchorage 

Hi from Alaska! After 24 hours here in the north I am very happy that I went here. It is such a beutiful place, like Sweden but with mountains and the U.S. touch. I have had a great day first with work and then biking and hiking at the scenic Costal trail. I had planned to go for a run today but I save that until tomorrow morning. Here comes some pictures from today’s adventures.

 / Pernilla in Alaska

Chicago Rock n’roll 21K

Finished! 21 tough kilometers was what today’s halfmarathon was. Here comes the race report then I will leave Chicago for now and try to fly to Alaska to cool off.

The whole race was almost flat so great opportunity for a new personal best. But today it was way too hot, 30 degrees already at 6:30 am and no winds between the sky scrapers. My plan was to start the best possible and kilometer one was slow but the following five K I came into a comfortable pace just below 5min/km speed. But the heat. Oh my. Not even close to runs I have done in Singapore, San Diego or Florida the air was not moving between the sky scrapers and after 8 kilometers it was a question about finishing. I was so thirsty and it felt like the water I drank did not helped so I slowed down, it still didn’t feel cooler and I saw the first victim from the heat laying at the side walk. The Gatorade helped but I usually don’t drink this kind of stuff because my tummy can’t handle it but I really felt I needed something other than water today to manage but at 14 K all of a sudden I had to stop and walk because I got terrible cramps in my tummy and a little bit later I went to the side and throwed up. Well shit happens. I know it can happen from dehydration aswell so when I kept on running I took it even more slow. I had decided that this would just be a long Sunday run at 8-9K so it was not a big deal. I just wanted to finish. Although the race was great it was way to hot. The last five K became cooler because then we ran along the lakefront so there was a bit wind. But I saw so many people that got dehydrated and had to quit. I finished but the time was nothing to write about (if you are curious you can check the race website) I had a nice race anyway and it is always good to learn lessons about fighting the heat. This is a race I strongly recommend like the DC marathon which also was a rock n roll series run. Running a race in Illinois – check on the list! 

/ Pernilla in US 

Chicago the sporty city

Chicago has many good sports teams and to me it also seems that the people around downtown are pretty active. I am in America so of course I have also seen more than a handful of “bigger” Americans eating Chicago styled pizza with XXL sized cokes. This morning I had a plan to run a bit as preparation for tomorrows halfmarathon. Yesterday I spotted a racing track so that was the arena of today.

I started up my body by running there and then I planned to do some intervals. I measured the track and it was only 360 meters. Why? I thought all racetracks where 400 meters. Big fail. It was great to run at the track anyway but although it was not 8 in the morning it was over 30 degrees and steaming hot. I just did some random running and exercises before I decided that I was done. Finished. Finito.

5 kilometers and ready but not ready for tomorrows halfmarathon. My first goal when I signed up was to go for personal best but I will not do that. First of all I have been walking way to much the past days here, my groins are not in 100% good condition and I will not take any risks before Matterhorn next month and the last reason is that it will be too hot, I don’t mind running when it is hot but running at a pace below 5 minutes / kilometer for 21K is nothing I plan to do. At least not tomorrow. Miracles have happened before but if one will happen tomorrow at Chicago Rock n’roll halfmarathon time will tell. Now sleepingtime since the race starts at 6 am!

/ Pernilla in steaming hot Chicago

Evening lights from Chicago

Last evening after my work and walk day I kept on walking a bit more. American cities are usually not made for two feted people they say but I don’t agree. This city is. Absolutley stunning I would call the view here at the North Bridge area which is best experiences from the river walk.

/ Pernilla the Chicago fan

Chichi town

This is the fourth time I am here in Chicago and I had good memories from the other three ones but couldn’t remember it was such a nice city. I like it more than NYC because here are the same things but less touristy. 


My day started early with 9 efficient hours of work in front of my laptop. When I walked out it was steaming hot so first stop was the beach at Lake Michigan. 

Then I walked, walked and walked a bit more to pick up my race number for Sunday’s half marathon that I am here for. The walk was around 55 degrees Celsius hotter than last time I was here 1,5 years ago a freezing cold day in February. I am a big sucker for cities with skyscrapers and beautiful waters around so here is heaven. 

After my long one way walk I could have taken the metro but no real reason for that so I walked all the way back again enjoying a heavenly beutiful summer day. This day has more or less been about working and walking.  Nine hours of each with refueling included so now I am pretty much over and out for today. Or I have to be in order to manage tomorrow’s fun!

/ Pernilla in Chicago