Beach checkup

This whole day here at Maldives has been a check it out day with emphasis on checking out beaches. The one in the morning was better than the one in the afternoon but still the Muslim rules are very strict here so just wearing a bikini without a wet suit outside of the private beaches is a no go.

The more time I got to spend reading books. Not that bad either but I do prefer being in the water. Hopefully I will find a better beach tomorrow. Just getting some sun, sand and not be freezing made me all happy today.

But the afternoon beach had one big pro, the runway was located on the opposite side so I got to see BA, EK, SQ and tons of PJs taking off and landing. I will stay at Maldives tomorrow aswell then I will go and check out Doha on the way home. Seriously, I might be the most unplanning traveler.

/ Pernilla in thr Maldives

Hello Maldives!

I happily reached the Maldives this morning and the sun is shining, it is 30 degrees and the beach is all around. But I have been to nicer places than what I have seen here this far, and I already have discovered a huge drawback – bikinis on the beach are prohibited outside private resort beaches since it is Muslim country. Well, I thought the Middle East was strict in that sense but this place seems to be even more strict. Now I need to get a drink before continuing exploring, did I mentioned it is hot here?

/ Pernilla checking out the Maldives


Maybe I have not written it here but I am on the way to the Maldives now. The first flight is done and one to go before reaching the destination. Right now I am at Vienna airport and boarding is about to start soon. Now I look forward to nine hours of good nights sleep in Austrians business class. Quite a luxury. I am not the biggest fan of their 777 aircrafts but the bigger fan of their signature ice cream drinks and a bit of wine is never wrong. 

So why going to the Maldives? Well, I am just curious how it looks there. If the beaches are beautiful, water is crystal clear and if there is anything worth seeing outside of the honeymoon imaged island. I will fly back to Sweden on Tuesday night and if it is too boring there are many flights to take home. 

/ Pernilla at an exploring tour

The walk

Friday is here and I will go for an exploring vacation tonight which I look forward to a lot. But the day I spend at the airline HQ as always and instead of having a standard lunch break eating food I was out for a long walk in the grey shaded Hagaparken. Usually I have a quick eat and then a 30 minutes walk with my collegues but they are not here today so I had a long walk and a bar in front of my laptop instead. Although the grey and slightly cold weather it was a great energy boost. I really feel the difference in the afternoon between the days when you go outside and the days I don’t. Taking a lunch walk is really something g I recommend everyone to do. 10 minutes two times a week is better than nothing, never forget that. By the way, I spotted a new thing in Hagap, a small castle can it be the case that princess Estelle got it for her birthday?

/ Pernilla at work

Those days…

This Thursday had potential to be a really great spring day but unfortunatley it sucked. Almost all over. With two exceptions, the lunchrun with tired legs in sunny spring warm Hagaparken and Norway’s gold in the cross country world championships in Falun that we watched at the office.

Other than that I can say that I am so over and out of lazy, stupied, slow thinking and slow working people that are not doing what they are supposed to do. There are few things that makes me so upset but dealing with all the above on the same time had made me wanna be at another planet the whole day… Those Days…

/ Pernilla in the worst kind of mode