Cinnamon buns

  Spring and sunny weather brings my memory back to my childhood when we got fika outdoors consisting of cinnamon buns and saft. I am born in the 80’s and at that time eating a homemade cinnamon bun without gluteen free flour, fake sugar or other fix and trix things inside in between meals was no big deal. I still do not belive in those fake sweeteners and stuff and if I eat sweet things I want them homemade. Just after I had put out my balcony furniture for this year I did of course had to bake some cinnamon buns. I used the most simple of simple reciepets from Arla and made them with love. It is the inside that counts and therefore I add lots of sweet stuff inside and of course I pimp them up with marzipan. Served with coffee or a glas of cold White wine they taste like heaven aswell! Something to remember for the upcoming weekend.

/ Pernilla the baking P

Outdoor rocks 

But my workout of the day didn’t at least not when it comes to performance quality. But when it comes to life quality it was the opposite. 10K of feel good running at my Kungsholmen route including iPhone shoots and ending with 15 minutes of fun core and arm workout. Today I was not on fire… But who has to be that all the time as long as it is fun, fresh air and spring feeling outside?

/ Pernilla loving the outdoors

Human factors

I know that many people are interested in the airline business and since I work there I spend lots of time to get to know what is going around. I think it is very interesting to read about what other people do at work but still I do not often share what I do at my work. An equation that does not really match so I am thinking about starting to write a bit more about the life as a purchaser at Scandinavias biggest airline, SAS. Of course I won’t share any sensitive stuff and it will be 100% mine opinions, how does that sound?

Anyway, today I have been at Arlanda taking the mandatory Human Factors course that everyone at SAS Technical Operations has to take every second year. Since saftey is the highest priority in the airline industry. 80 percent of aviation accidents occurs due to human errors and I think that the course is an important reminder to not just do, do and do. Maybe not the funniest thing in the world to sit in a class room talk about aircraft accidents and causes of them a whole day but it is really a good wakeup call. When you perform things over and over again it is easy to not reflect about what you actually are doing. You like me are so secure in what you do and check a standard process that you know by “heart”. Honestly, would allow yourself to take time to check up that you do something that you do every day the way you are supposed to do it according to the standard operating percedure? I guess not.

The human factors course is not only about working according to standards, it is about teamwork, handling stress, reporting culture and lots of other topics that potentially can impact the aviation saftey. In a world where everything is about profitability I think the importance of once in a while think and reflect about what factors that can be potential threats against that passengers arrive to their destinations is even more important with regards to how stressed everyone in world today than twenty years ago when the competition in the market was regulated, we had fewer distractions and less stress in our society.

/ Some thoughts from Pernilla after an office day

Flippin’ burgers

I don’t know for how long, but it is years since I first time I planned to try out the famous Flippin Burgers place here in Stockholm. But I hate long lines so I always end up going to the next door sushi place instaed. But today was the big burger day and I had been looking forward to trying the delicious(?) burger to figure out how it was compared to Shake Schack. My current no 1 burger in the World. But it is obviously not meant to be that I should go there. Last time they closed for vacation exactly the day when I came there and today the fan was broken so the whole place was closed. Only today. I belive in destiny so it is not meant to be that I should have a Flippin experience. The most popular burger place in the whole city and probably Sweden is exactly 15 steps from my door and I have never been there. It is not okey.

/ Pernilla that crave a real burger

Spring, spring, spring

I just wanted to say how much I love this season. The outdoors is just stunning, it is light and flowers pops up everywhere. It is simply magic. The one and only bad thing is the flowers that makes a lot of people including myself sick. When I was out for a run in Hagaparken at lunch today my nose and eyes were not game. It could be worse, I had a blast during my 9K boost run and enjoyed it all although my legs and back are still sore from the shape session two days ago. Enough said. Here comes some spring flowers that feels as push as the cherryblossom.

/ Pernilla the spring lover