Nike run club

There are many runclub a here in Stockholm and now yet another one aha re-opened, Nike runclub. Tonight it was kickoff for the fall season and I was there. Distance running was on the schedule and I picked the 10K out of the 5, 7 and 10 distances. We were a group of about ten people that took off in 5:30 pace towards Djurgården where we had tonight’s run. I love running at the island so it was a great pick. 10K later we got back to our starting point at Löplabbet Kungsgatan where we got a bar and water. I won’t join every week but sometimes when I feel too lazy to run the distance myself then it is a great motivator to join NRC that also will start with a weekly interval session.

/ Pernilla the run lover

Vacation countdown


Did anyone went to the TUR travel fair in Stockholm yesterday? I did unfortunatley not but would have loved to in order to get some inspo to my next week North America trip. Finally I will have my summer vacation. I hope to leave on Friday after work to Chicago and then further on to Denver for a couple of days, but after that then what to do? As always I have so many ideas but it is difficult to decide. I want some beach, some hiking, some running and adventures. Want to see new places and go back to my beloved Hawaii, but if I decide to go to Hawaii then I will only see one new place. This is really a true traveler issue but most likley I will just make three options and let the destiny decide where to go.

/ Pernilla in travel mode

Five star weekend

I know how to not get any post Lidingö cramps. Go out clubbing in tru Singa style. Start with drinks, dance the whole night until the club closes and end with an after party together with the Singa crew all night long. I love the people that I went on exchange with in 2007. Although we don’t see each other more than once or twice a year or even less it feels like you just saw each other. When I woke up in the afternoon I could not believe that I forced the Lidingö trail yesterday but when I saw the medal I know I had done the 30K. This post race day I have done almost nothing. Just cleaned up my place and went for a walk at Djurgården. That was it. A five star weekend I would call it!

/ Pernilla that had a happy weekend

The Lidingöloppet story

Lidingöloppet. I don’t like this race but I keep on coming back to it. This was my fifth year and third time doing the 30K. With Matterhorn Ultraks fresh in mind the hills was nothing at the island. The highest elevation is 48meters, in the Swiss alps it was 2000 meters so this should been a walk in the park when it came to upward sloping runs. For a change I had an enjoyable experience today. The first 10K was not as crowded as last year, I could ran my own pace and was doing it in a totally relaxed way. I even walked one hill. The second 10K:er was a joy to run at the beginning but then the up and downs came and I am not a huge fan of hills but it was just to face them. I walked up and ran down. I am quite good at running down so I saved the time I lost during the upward walks. Today the trail didn’t feel that long and suddenly it was the 20K pass. Here I was a bit tired so I stopped and had an energy drink before walking up the hill. You hear, it was a lot of walking involved today. With just 1/3rd remaining I had loads of energy left so during this part I was enjoying the atmosphere and nice weather most of the time. But not in Abborebacken and Karin’s backe. Those were pure pain for my chubby legs. And kilometer 27 was a less fun one because my tummy cramped and I could not run although my legs wanted to. The ending two kilometers was the funniest of the whole race and I passed by quite a lot of runners here. This race was not that important to me, it was more a long run before my upcoming Marathon and I am happy that it felt as easy as it did. I finished the 30K in 2:50:55 and 56 seconds faster would have made my day! But it was fun and I enjoyed the race for the first time ever!


 / Pernilla loving challenges

Trail day 

 Yupp. And now it is time. Lidingöloppet 2015 edition. Every last four years I have promissed myself that this will be my very last participation in this race but somehow I am coming to the startline again and again. It is some magic attraction with this race. I have a love hate relationship to it. This year I feel super relaxed about it. It will just be a 30K training run before Athens marathon in November. So yesterday I prepared myself in my own way. This weekend some good Italian friends from London that I met during my time in Singapore are here so we went out for dinner and drinks. First some wining at Vigårda and Nosh and chow then dinner at Elverket. Then the crew went out clubbing but I felt that it would be the very worst way of preparing for the 30K run so I went home to sleep. I had a really good evening anyway so I have loaded with lots of positive energy for the upcoming challenge and the Singapore crew is still in town so no matter how LL goes tonight it will be a night out in singa style.

/ Pernilla pepping for LL

Just another Thursday

Hello world! Thursday again. Feels like it is always Thursday nowadays. I have no exciting stories to reveal today but feel for writing some words anyhow because everything in blog format does not need to be glitter and glamour. My day has involved work.

And a lunch break where I ran an 8K trail in Hagaparken. It was one really good choice I made today. Last run before Lidingöloppet and I felt very pepp for it today. Will see what I feel for it on Sat.

75 minutes evening movement at the yoga mat. My favorite yoga instructor for now had a class so I could not join in. Now I feel for reading a book but unfortunately I do not have any that I feel for reading at hand so I will read some news at the web before I will say good night and wake up to Friday! 

/ Pernilla in training mode

Skin – the movie

Fall  does for me mean time to cover up under a blanket, put on cozy socks, light some candles and watch movies. During the last weekend I watched a few of my saved ones at Netflix and I specially want to recommend the movie Skin. It was about South Africa and apartheid. The story was a heartbreaking one about a  girl named Sandra. She was borned by two white parents but herself she had darker skin. That was a huge problem. Throughout the Movie you follow how her parents fight against the rules, how everyday life passes by with its constant challenges, how Sandra grow up and fell in love and the consequences of falling in love with someone who has the same color of the skin but is not by the government classified as white. This is a must see friends!


/ A recommendation from Pernilla (Picture from google)