It is official! SAS will start flying from Stockholm to Los Angeles in March 2016 and Copenhagen/Oslo to Miami. Fantastic news that reached us all yesterday. Suddenly Hawaii feels close by and my beloved Miami is an armlength away. This will be fab. Totally fab. Anyone who wanna join for a tour next year?


/ Pernilla loving Florida beaches (picture from sasgroup)

This and that

Boom. All of a sudden it was also time to close the book for Wednesday the 19th of August. I had almost not time to reflect over that the day had started before it now is time to go to bed again. What is happening? My wise dad once told me his idea why it feels like the time runs faster when you get older. He said that things you already have seen or explored they are just passing by why new experiences needs to be reflected over and then it feels like the time goes slower. So what has my super fast Wednesday involved? First swimming training with Runday at Vanadisbadet. That was super fun. The I was at the office for the 20th workday in a row. Some kind Of record the last year. As afterworkout I went to SATS and tried the new combat, but sorry, not my cup of tea. It was legs, legs, legs and more legs training. Boring. I hate legs training. But I will give it a second chance because I love combat! Now over and out for today and I am going into sleeping mode soon. 

/ Pernilla summing up the Wednesday

A better Monday

RDaySome Mondays are so to say a little bit better than others. Yesterday was one of those. First work and then comeback at Runday Monday. The training session was great. First traditional Runday warmup and then intervals. 400 meters times three, 1000 meters and finally 200 meters times four. There were loads of runners at Karlberg and the atmosphere was as always great!After the training me and some other Runday:ers had decided to go swiming so we headed to nearby Hornsbergsstrand and cooled off. It was just an awesome evning so quite a good decision. Then we planned on having BBQ but was to lazy for that so we went to Texas Longhorn instaed. I had a glas of wine and we sat there chatting way too long so today I am a bit tired. But it was all worth it! A better version of Monday I would call it.

/ Pernilla the Monday lover (pic. above borrowed from Runday)

Feels like vacation!

Ever since I checked out from work on Friday I have had a vacation feeling. No real plans for two day except Midnattsloppet and a big fat sun shining in my face. Yesterday I trained yoga for 90 minutes, hanged out at the waters listening to pod casts and did nothing. Today I started the day with a walk around Kungsholmen after way too little sleep last night, during the walk I got the brilliant idea to bake cinnamon buns so I did that. Then I was hanging out in Vadaparken the whole afternoon and Stefan Löfven had his summer speech there. It was as cleaver as he is so the say. Now I have just ended this weekend with a class of Bodypump. It was quite boring and I had not that much inspo for lifting weights but at least I feel stronger. Thank you Stockholm for creating such a summer weekend that it felt like pure vacation at home!

/ Pernilla that had a happy Sthlm weekend

Midnattsloppet á la 2015

Last evening was my third time running Midnattsloppet in Stockholm. All around Söder felt like a huge running party and I love the atmosphere in this race. It is not a PB run due to the huge crowds, the route with X number of turns but it is one of my favorite races. Somehow although I was just going to run for fun I was a bit nervous about it when I biked over to the S-island. This year I had a quite good startgroup, 2b and although it was supposed to be 45-49 mintutes runners there I understood quite fast that a lot of people had overrated their capacity. I was counting on 48-49 minutes but all the way around the course I was passing other runners. I had a great feeling in my legs the whole way and I was not really tired when I crossed the finishline after 10 energy filled kilometers. The last two kilometers I had terrible cramps in tummy so I could not finish the way I liked to do. From this run I take with me the five star experience, the great feeling in my legs and that I finished at an acceptable time. So many people out cheering, lots of bands playing and music all around. I just love this commercial fun run races like this one. Mission completed and if possible I will get back next year!


/ Pernilla the Midnattsloppet lover

Running and rose

Yesterday was one of the best kind of summer Friday’s. I kicked off with an 8K run in Hagaparken before work, had a good day at the office including Friday Fika, biked home and picked up my Midnattsloppet race gear before finishing drinking rose and chilling at Hornsberg with a dear friend talking about all and everything. A freaking fab Friday I would say. The sun is shining so let’s the remaining part of the weekend follow the same pattern!

/ Pernilla having yet another Sthlm weekend


I have not felt for eaten in the past months and for me it is normal when it is summer. Also my favorite meal breakfast becomes boring to eat so therefore I decided that this week I was going to shoot blog friendly pictures of my brekkies to have a mission with it. It didn’t increase my appetite or inspired me to spend more than minimal time in the kitchen but I have at least varied myself a bit. Here comes a lineup of items that I have begun my days with the last week:

Yoghurt, serve yourself fruits, strawberries and coffee.

Home baked bread and Tropicana juice.

Oatmeal with home picked blueberries and cinnamon.

My mission until next week is to create three different brekkies. Anyone who is in to the challenge?

/ Pernilla that is living the breakfast diet