Running and rainbows

Monday’s why do you always have to pass by so fast? I have been at work (well, no surprise I guess), to the Runday training to increase my pulse at short intervals, at the supermarket to buy some eatables, baking bread that looks like bread loafs and not small ones, fixing some things with our running club at work, taking a long long shower – okey it was a bit too long and for the first time in my life seen a real dibble rainbow. How amazing isn’t that? If I should go to sleep now? Yes, but do I feel for it…

/ Pernilla in Monday mode

Riga halfmarathon

21 097 meters of running started my day here in Riga. This was also the reason why I went here. It was a great race. Lots of crowds, a nice route that was almost 100% flat and the only obstacle was a kilometer of cobble stones in the old city. The weather was also perfect, 12 degrees and a light rain. Nothing to complain about. I had a comfortable tour at a pace just over 5 min/km. I wasn’t bored for a second and the close to two hours of running (1:48) felt not long at all. It was just go with the flow today from the start to finish line. This is a race I recommend if you want to go for a new personal best or just having a good time exploring Riga.

 / Pernilla the world runner  

Riga by foot

 It was rainy and cold when I woke up here in Latvia today and walked out to buy some breakfast. Everything look grey and like you imagine a former east state look. Trashy, poor and wormed down.

 But if you thought Riga was one of those cities you don’t have to walk many streets to discover cozy cafés, magnificent architecture, Russia like cathedrals and stylish buildings.

  I have used this day to walk around and check out the city. It is not so big but have many treasures to check out for a weekend. The places I have discovered today is the old city (where I also stay), the river bank, central market at the Zeppelin hangars (worth a visit, a market with everything), some stores in a galleria, the church in the background and a sushi place where I had dinner while watching Canada vs Chez in the ice hockey championship. Now my legs need some rest time before tomorrow morning when I will take them for Riga halfmarathon.

/ cheers from Pernilla in Riga

Hello Riga!

This Friday started with a bike ride to the SAS office as always. Then I was locking my bike and ooops, I was to string for my lock so I broke the key inside it. Damn it. In frustration I took my morning run in Hagaparken and my legs are still hurting from Tuesday’s hagahill run. But my short and chubby friends feel at least better than yesterday and are runnable again although every meter felt like post 30 at a marathon. Then I did my half office day and before I was heading home I had caught a guy that could cut my lock open so I could bike home in order to head for the next adventure.

 Flying to Riga with the Disney sized ATR plane. It was comfortable though so I fell asleep.  Took the local bus for 1.15 EUR (hello Arlanda express, you are robbing me!!!) to the city center where I checked in at my perfectly cute hotel. Then out to explore.  Have to say it looks like a promising city. I love medival buildings so  lots of things to check out.

 And cozy places to eat and drink at. Just have to get hungry first. Seems like burgers, pizza and sushi is the it here. And veggie food. Feels like my kind of place. It was as cold in Stockholm so I was freezing into my bone so just a bit of strolling around tonight. Now I will plan my does for tomorrow.

/ Pernilla in Riga 

A useless day off

This spring has felt like a long long holiday. I am not in mode for more days off now and so I was not super pepp for today. Neither I wasn’t tired so woke up early to start the day. But all my plans fell apart. The stores I planned to visit where closed due to the holiday and my legs were not runnable. Damn it. So I changed plans and went to SATS Spårvagnshallarna for a 60 minutes workout at the crosstrainer and some core training. Fun with moderation. Then I was starwing so are an early musli lunch at 11. In the afternoon I walked all the 10 minutes to visit my brother and his girlfriend to get some socialization in the quiet Stockholm. Then I have of course done some boring things like cleaning my place since I don’t have a housekeeper and I just got back from an hour of walk and phone talk. 

What I came to think about today was how boring a life as unemployed is. So much tristress and long, long hours to kill. One day of doing nothing is more than enough for me. And I have to say that it has been tempting to log on the work laptop. Very tempting. Looking forward to work a bit again tomorrow. And not only work out.


/ Pernilla with killed legs