Pepp on spring

Isn’t it a lovely spring day? At least it is here in Stockholm. I am so ready for this, enjoying every second of great weather. I started the day with 60+75 minutes of kick ass spinning at SATS Odenplan and that was a true kick ass start I can tell. But from hard core training I have now changed todo focus and biked to Plantagen at Frescati where I bought flowers which I have decorated my balcony with. So now my favorite spot at casa Vasa is almost all ready for sunshine Fikas and rose evenings. Bring it on!


/  Pernilla in spring mode deluxe

Fuzzy logic

Life back home is far from picking green bananas right from tree. Yesterday I was in doubt if I should go to the office or not but I decided to not and worked a bit from home. It feels a bit shitt today actually because beeing at home using a vacation day to more or less doing nothing does not feel that good to me. Instaed of doing something meaningful I used my day for doing sports and make a structure in my agenda. There are so many fun things coming up now and there are so many things I would love to fit and of course I also want to have some time for relaxing in between. When it comes to training my next focus is Stockholm Marathon at the 30 of May and I do look forward to that. It is only six weeks until then but I feel that I have a quite good plan for it so I am not worried. I just feel for writing so the content of this post is a bit fuzzy. Anyway during my lazy Friday at home I managed to do two pulse increasing activities:

A 10K run at my favorite route alongside Karlbergskanalen and Pampas and it was absolutley lovley. I left my knee thing at home and it worked out very well. My knee thing is mostly there because I always had it there and it feels like it has to be there than support for a knee injury that I do not suffer from.

And a Bodypump class at SATS Hötorget. I like BP but this release I hate so I forced myself to go there. It feels like the focus is only on my weak points, legs, arms and shoulders and it was more an hour in survival techniques than pure joy. One or two times strenght training a week is what I prefer to do and I do like to be stronger than week so BP is a better way for me than just going to the gym and train only exercises that I enjoy doing.

This weekend will be a sporty one and I plan to kick off this Saturday with spinning at SATS Odenplan and tonight it is time for Adidas EnergytakeoverSTHLM run. I am kind of excited!


/ Pernilla missing fresh bananas from the tree

A shaky trip from Bali

Hello Sweden! I am home and my winter escape period is over. From now until October/November I just plan some shorter gettaways since it is nice and warm here again. After all I never went to Doha, well I believe things are meant to be so Another time. Instaed I went for a journey that was nothing to recommend for people affraid of flying. First out was a five star flight from Denpasar at Bali to Singapore. 2,5 hours of great service at what 2013 was the worlds best airline according to Skytrax, Garuda Indonesia (will come back with a review). Fair enough, the flight was delayed so I almost missed my short Connection in Singapore.

Luckily there was a whole lot of people going to Helsinki so they waited for our flight. A super sweet Singaporean also helped out and checked me in at the same time we took the skytrain and ran to another terminal. I got a seat at the Finnair A340-400 plane and it was model old. Not like the last time. The seat was as comfy as sitting on a stone but luckily there was one free seat beside me so I could lay down and sleep 10 out of the 12 hours. But it was a bumpy ride. 8 hours of constant seat belt sign turbulence and they could barley serve food. No hot drinks at all so we had to survive without coffee. When the seatbelt sign was constant on for six hours one after one got up and went to the bathroom and I promiss that at least 10 times it woke me up when they announced in the PA system that it was not allowed to go to the bathroom. Finally we arrived safe and sound in Helsinki and I had an hour to my flight to Stockholm.

The last one for this trip was a Blue1 B717 machine. I started to sleep but then I watched the view from my window seat when we came to the Swedish archipelago. So Beautiful. Soon we approached Arlanda and guess what, the plane made a go-around, the second time in my life I experienced one. The captain never said what was wrong but when the landed on the second approach the landing was not like it normallly is when the back Wheels first, this was with the nose wheel and right side wheel first. Never the less now I am back home and of course I have another trip in pipeline. Beijing.


/ Pernilla the travel lover

Resort day at Bali

Last evening I flew to Bali and my travel partner in crime flew back to Holland. I made it easy and went to the hotel I been to a few times before in Seminyak at North Kuta beach. It is 33 degrees here today so I am having a day at the resort.

Started with a workout: 10 km at the treadmill, 300 reps arm exercises and 300 crunches. Fair enough!

The right into the pool for cooling down. The very best kind of after workout if you ask me. My surfer tee is a great investment by the way. Perfect for sup yoga as well as being at the beach or in the pool when you don’t want to burn yourself.

I just finished a banana smoothie for lunch. Now some more hours at the pool and then a Qatar airways flight to Doha where I will spend tomorrow. Heard it is spring at home but no, I don’t feel for going back to Stockholm. I wanna stay in Asia (or go to US).

/ Pernilla in Asia

Food of Indonesia

The food here is excellent! I wish we had the same good stuff at home. It is not greasy as other parts of Asia, it is just fresh and tasteful. The bad side it is that is to warm to eat so breakfast plus one meal and lots of water a day is all what my tummy can manage.

Breakfast: local Lombok coffee, banana pancake and banana juice.

Lunch/Dinner: sashimi from the one and only sushi place at Lombok. Not Indonesian but the salmon is local.

Lunch/dinner: club sandwich at the hotel. In my life I have had hundreds of club sandwiches but this is the second best one after Boca resort.

Lunch/dinner: sushi again. I am a sushi lover big time. This was a delicious creation.

Light lunch: banana juice. That together with coconut juices at Novotel Lombok. OMG can’t make any better choices here when it comes to drinks.

Snacks: banana chips bought from one local at the waterfall treek. Great source of energy!

Doesn’t look bad, right?

/ Pernilla that like nice Indonesian food