Combat combo

First combat and then a big fat bomb into Brunnsviken. Sounds fab right? I guarantee it was! Once again I am a combat addict. Can’t help it. It is just so much fun that after every class I book a new one. It is good training aswell so I guess I could have had worse addictions like smoking weed. 

/ Pernilla the combat loooover

Run & yoga

Is what I call one of the training super combos. Before work I took off for a 9K run in Hagaparken. It was a beutiful morning and my legs where light weight. One kilometer as warmup in 5:30 pace then smash. The remaining 8000 meters in 5 pace. That has never happened before as far as I can remember. My morning runs are usually a part of my wake up so I am half asleep. A fab start of a fab average Tuesday I would say.

And after my officeday was over I headed for a yoga session. Not the most advanced stuff but I badly needed some stretching so fair enough. Now shower time and then back to number three off the Monday to Friday 7-17 in the office and some sports and socialization on top of that life. Comfy but less exciting life I would call it. Anyone else who has fallen into the same pattern?

/ Pernilla living the Monday to Friday life for a while

Bucket list thing

Yesterday I was doing something I have not done for ages, watched live soccer. AIK played against my favorite Stockholm team Djurgården at Friends arena so I just had to do the bucket list thing and watch a derby. Almost 40 000 spectators and it was lots of fun and I definitely have to be a more frequent spectator for live sports events. Before I watched games quite regularly but nowadays. Almost never. Except that Djurgården lost. Soccer is best watched IRL. 

/ Pernilla the real sports lover

Weekend treats

One of the first things I ever baked in my life was the oatmeal, chocolate balls that has a name that not is supposed to be pronounced nowadays. It was ages ago when I had a pink stove to play with and it was also ages ago I made the same recipe so this weekend I digged into my recipe box and made some. The colourful and sweet sparkles I got in the U.S. one time I was there. These are real stuff. No mixtures with nuts and other things a la the healthy boom. Just pure ingredients like in the 80’s. Colourful and sparkling!

/ Pernilla loving colours 

Testing, testing, testing

If you buy a new bikini you have to try it on. I got one, or actually two new ones and now I have been at Eriksdalbadet swim 1200 meters in one of them. In two weeks the outdoor pools here in Stockholm will close for the season so if you havn’t visited one yet – do it! So much more fun than swimming indoors.

/ Pernilla the swimming lover

The freedom of running

I am so sick of reading the news when one story is more tragic than the other one. Two days ago a 21 year old girl out on her run got killed. Here. About 30 kilometers from my house. I have never been afraid of anything else than animals while I go running but apparently going for an innocent run to get some movement can end up with like the worst nightmare. Why? Why did someone took her life away? I really hope that Sweden should remain a country where it will feel safe to go out running in the nature without having pepperspray in one hand and the cell phone in the other. I really, really hope this was the first and last time that happened. Tonight after work I ran one of my usual 10K runs. It was awesome and I do really hope I will be able to go running without fear also in the future! This Friday afterworkout run was d dedicated to the running victim in Upplans-Väsby. 

/ Pernilla the is for the freedom of running

Event at the hills of Söder

Midnattsloppet is not more than ten days away and since I plan to be in Stockholm during the race weekend I also plan to run the one of the funniest race in this city. Tonight Plaza kvinna, Runday and Adidas hosted a training event at Vitabergsparken at Söder so I was of course there for some training.

Runday Monday has not started for the regular season yet and I love going to and arranging events so it was loads of fun. As warmup we looked at Adidas running collection for this fall and damn. I fell in love with so many things. Especially one jacket, a pair of supernova tights, a pair of shorts, a gray top and a yellow t-shirt. Huge wanna have! But apart from looking at fab clothes we were also running. In the hills.

Up and down the same hills that comes at Midnattsloppet. So good training. We also did some classical Runday exercises during the hour of movement and it was as always fun.

 After the training session we got wraps, Vitamin well, fruit and smoothies. Big yum for the smoothie!
But it wa not over there. Me and my event partner in crime tried to bike to Tantolunden for a swim and after biking around what felt like all over söder we found the place and could cool off in Mälaren. It was not that cold and I strongly recommend the conbo of training and swimming! All together it became a triathlon, biking to and from the event, running the hills and swimming.

/ Pernilla the swim runner