Chichi town

This is the fourth time I am here in Chicago and I had good memories from the other three ones but couldn’t remember it was such a nice city. I like it more than NYC because here are the same things but less touristy. 


My day started early with 9 efficient hours of work in front of my laptop. When I walked out it was steaming hot so first stop was the beach at Lake Michigan. 

Then I walked, walked and walked a bit more to pick up my race number for Sunday’s half marathon that I am here for. The walk was around 55 degrees Celsius hotter than last time I was here 1,5 years ago a freezing cold day in February. I am a big sucker for cities with skyscrapers and beautiful waters around so here is heaven. 

After my long one way walk I could have taken the metro but no real reason for that so I walked all the way back again enjoying a heavenly beutiful summer day. This day has more or less been about working and walking.  Nine hours of each with refueling included so now I am pretty much over and out for today. Or I have to be in order to manage tomorrow’s fun!

/ Pernilla in Chicago


US&A, my beloved getaway destination. I am once again here in the states and it was a pleasure flying here with one of SAS aircraft (LN-RKN) upgraded with the brand new cabin.No, I am not payed for writing nice reviews about SAS aircrafts and onboard service. Just to make it clear if you ever thought that. I just write about things I like (and dislike) in this blog.
Once getting in it was a “wow” feeling. It not just looked new and stylish, it smelled new. I seen tons of pictures and the seats before but not installed in the aircraft. But it was all better in real Life. to spend nine hours here wouldn’t be a problem.

The seats were awesome. Supercomfy and fully flat. Lots of personal space and it felt like an own tent. With roomservice including extra everything.
The food was not the best I ever had, but it was good. I miss the sashimi but the nuts. OMG. I love the hot nuts and the champagne. For main course I had salmon with mashed potatoes. It was good but a bit heavy, I could nearly finish half of it (I had to save some space for dessert).

And the dessert. I picked ruhab pie and strawberries. This was the real dessert heaven. I just hope that they will change the icecream one day from chocolate to vanilla or B&Js cinnamon bun version.

I stayed awake almost the whole flight except about three hours of sleep. I really enjoy traveling when I fly business class because then I feel super relaxed. Relaxing at home is always more difficult beacuse there is always an option to do something. At a plane there are no options other than resting. Anyway, the snackbar I also like a lot. But why the chocolate all around? I wished they had some other snacks like protein bars or sesam crackers, dried fruit or something not just candy, candy and candy. Well the fruit was delicious this time! Apples and Indonesia fruits.

And the SAS winglets. Big like to those.
One in the air selfie is a must. Here all covered up in comfy Hästens covers.

The final approach to Chicago. It was not sunny but warm. Around 30 degrees. Love to be here. It is my first time in summer and I am sure it is great! Will keep you posted about my adventures in America here and at my insta (pillab). Take care!
/ With love from Pernilla in Chichi town

True traveler routines

Like many things you do often in life you get into a routine. I have a perfect routine when flying to the U.S. First of all I try to book flights with departure time around 10. I get up around six am, have alight breakfast and then go for some excersice. Today I performed a mixed 60 minute favorite that I call fit for flight and it involves everything. 1K running for warmup, 10 times 200 meter all in intervals and then one kilometer slowdown jogg. Some stretching and 3 times 100 crummy crunches plus 3 times 15 ass lifts. Thereafter three kilometers of moderate speed running followed by one fast K. Some more stretching and a few running excersices on the way home. Energy out, fresh air in while another magic summer morning starts and then a cold shower to feel fresh before takeoff.

When it comes to dress for a long haul flight  I always pick comfy clothes. Not a one piece since it won’t be that popular in business class but usually a dress, ballerinas and a scarf for the comfort while waiting or standing in line at freezing cold airports. Well, now I am here at Arlanda. One hour to departure and time to go through the security check. By the way, my best advice is to always travel light. And fast track the biggest bless to people like me that don’t like to spend time queuing. Happy day folks!

/ Pernilla heading to the U.S. 

Empty streets

 Stockholm feels so empty at the moment. Not many of my friends are around, when biking to work there is almost no people out and the otherwise so crowded Odenplan crossing is for once spacious. I am also leaving the city for a while, a week or so. My plan is to fly to Chicago tomorrow and be there until Sunday then go to Alaska for a few days. I will do home office some days but tomorrow and Tuesday I will have vacation and of course the weekend. I hope I won’t meet any polar bears up there in the North.

I don’t know what I can say about today. It has felt like a long day that I started with a magic 9K run in Hagaparken. The speed was morning like but after a few kilometers I woke up. Then office job from 8-17. I am very dissatisfied with what I have accomplished during my working hours. Not that I have just been sitting staring at the computer screen or surfing internet instaed of working but I am just so over so many things right now. I know worklife is not like the schoolbook examples at the university but I feel more or less like a firefighter killing one fire and then the next one starts while you still are fighting a few others. Well, no work for one more day and I will try to not think about work but I can admitt it is pretty difficult when sitting in a SAS plane filled with things that you deal with every single day. My evening ended in the most relaxing way. One yoga class at SATS Sveavägen and then I have been filling up my suitcase with some necessary things for my trip to the US&A.12 hours and 20 minutes until SK945 departs towards Chicago.

/ Pernilla about to leave empty Stockholm

Crosstraining like a queen

Work and workout is my melody during weekdays. Has always been and will most likely also be if I can choose. SATS schedule during the summer is nothing to cheer for. I badly wanted to go for a combat class tonight but there where no options within reachable distance so I decided the next best alternative and walked over to SATS Odenplan for a cross training class. But guess what? The class was a rockstar one. We did “idioten” consisting of 40 second intervals of basic exercises like squats, planks, push-ups, dead lifts and so on. It was crazy tough. There were almost only top trained people at the class and me but I decided to show them that I am not the kind of meatball looking girl I seem to be. I have all and everything and won many battles against the other participants In my secret competition. That is the way I love it. Tough and being the one no one counts on. I wore my super comfy compression pants from Rehband and I love them more and more every time I wear them. They were actually perfect for a damn hard cross training class. Too bad I can’t come next Tuesday but the week thereafter I am so up for this class again. Guys, remember that always train like a queen. All in, all times. Peace.

/ Pernilla the wor out version

Monday with run

Hello new week! Monday and the week started at the office. Eight compulsory hours became nine before I decided to leave and to the freedom. The evening I have spent now far from my office because I was running around Brunnsviken. One of my favorite running routes in Stockholm. The run felt not as good as I wished. I felt heavy like an elephant although I have eaten less the last weeks but I just felt like a heffalump. Now I am really cooling down at my balcony doing some yoga and drinking raspberry water. It has not always to be complicated in order to spice up a Monday. Life is good!

 / Pernilla in pink

Summer read

I read quite many books a year and the last week I have finished one very much Pernilla kind of book. It is called En enda natt (only one night) and written by Simona Arnstedt. It was an easy read about relationships, drama, career and life. A real no brainer story that is well suitable for flipping pages at a beach or so. I have though read better ones but if you just need to grab something quickly in the bookstore this is a good pick.

/ Pernilla the book junkie