Travel deals to my friends

New York

Are you feeling for a trip to New York, Hong Kong, Alicante, Åre or somewhere else where SAS flies? Then it is now time to grab a ticket to the destination of your dream. Until 24th September I can as a SAS employee offer my friends and family great deals of traveling to SAS Destinations if you use below link to book your journey at. The travel period within Europe is from October 4, 2015 to May 31, 2016 and to Asia and the US from November 3, 2015 to March 16, 2016. All flights must be booked between September 14 and September 24, 2015

What are you waiting for? Fares to NYC and HKG is as low as 3000 SEK / returntrip and tickets within Europe you can grab for under 1000 SEK..

For link to booking site click HERE (LINK) and use the password: friends2015

/ Happy travel wishes from Pernilla

Quality weekend

This weekend have been one signed by deep thoughts, quality hangouts and sports.


Yesterday I was at Lidingö jogging the Lidingöloppet trail with my brother and S. Really nice to have that pro company during a long run but since I have slight a cold I could only manage 7K in their pace. I took it super easy the following 13K during my 20K ran and walked all hills when my pulse increased due to my bad health. But I managed it in two hours, got fresh air and a taste of what what I have to expect next weekend. 

Back in town again I went to Fika and had a tweetup at Mellqvist with some cool and super fast runners. Then I spoiled myself with a pizza. I buy pizza at home about once a year but I should start doing it more often because it is so yummy!

This sunny Sunday has also been a sporty day. In the morning I went to one of my favorite SATS combos, pump and combat to be tired for real. It worked out well and for the first time in a week I felt that I could train the way I wanted without feeling my pulse increase. But with this nice weather I can’t stand being indoors so I am doing a bit of excursion at Alvik strand. 

And enjoying some great Stockholm views before I will end the week with yoga at yet another SATS that I have not been to before. 

/ Pernilla having a Stockholm weekend 

Travelmassive afterwork

Good morning! I am awake again after a night with everything but good sleep. Yesterday was a tough day for me and I feel so extremely disappointed, sad, frustrated and unhappy because a dream of mine been crushed. I just want to escape. But escaping never solve any situations I know that so I am not going to although I want. The last thing I wanted after work yesterday was to socialize but since I had signed up to attend Travelmassive afterwork and I am not I quitter I went to Sharathon Stockholm to their event anyway. It really lightened up the dark thing that happened earlier during the day. A well arranged afterwork with people from the travel industry and bloggers was chilling out, mingling, drinking wine, eating Swiss chocolate and wine and just had a great time. Travelmassive is a global network for people that enjoy traveling so I have to say that I fit in there. They have meet ups all over the world. I talked to a guy from a PR agency that has been backpacking in Georgia and Azerbajan, sounded so cool! I also want to do that! Then I also got some valuable tips about Athens from and talked to some friendly people from SJ, The Local, a foodblogger, Fantasiresor, a nice guy promoting travels to Croatia and a lot of other interesting people before I went home. I am so happy that I joined the event to get my thoughts at something else for a while although my head was filled with other stuff that makes me beyond happy.

/ Pernilla the travel lover

Unrolleurope yoga

I can’t complain over a boring spare time for the moment. The whole fall are always busy months when it comes to fun stuff and today it was a yoga event on my agenda. The Canadian fashion brand Lululemon always have high quality events (like their products) and tonight’s afterworkout yoga party at the Nordic museum was not an exception. 2 hours of yoga at my Lululemon matt hosted by fantastic yoga teachers from Canada, US, Greece, Turkey and Sweden ended up in a party. A yoga party! I really, really liked the venue and that is one thing I love with yoga, you can just unroll your matt at the most scenic place whenever, wherever to do a session! After the session there were of course drinks and food. I would call this a perfect event. I also recommend to keep you updated through Lululemon’s website if you wanna join yoga sessions in their showroom or special events.

/ Pernilla that had a top notch yoga evening

SAS Loppet 2015

Yesterday it was time for the annual running competition at my work and as a chairman of SAS Run I was in charge of the event. I love doing events so it was just fun to arrange it all. Around 100 colleagues had signed up and the weather was on our side. 6,4 kilomters of running in Hagaparken was the route and like Midnattsloppet everyone ran in special designed t-shirts. Afterwards we had afterrun where we served SASified food before having the award cermony. There are some superfast guys. The guy that finished the 6,4 kilometer race did it at 22:50 and the first women completed it in 28:30. Happy days! I already look forward to arrange next years event. Maybe time to change career to event planner?





/ Pernilla love event fixing

Into the dark

Good night world! Someone did apparently turned off the light because my Tuesday 10K run that I just finished was a pitch black story. I really like running in the dark as long as it is warm outside and today’s run was an easy story. I felt for running and my legs also did so not much to say except it was fun! Now I have been doing training for 14 days in a row so tomorrow I assure you all that I will rest myself when it comes to physical activities. I will though let other people work because it is time for the annual SAS Loppet in Hagaparken  which me and some fellows in SAS run organize for our colleagues. There are some super fast ones so will be fun to see who is winning this year!

/ Pernilla in constant run mode

SATS Liljeholmstorget

It was quite long ago since I did any progress in my try all SATS centers in Stockholm project but this Sunday I visited a new one. SATS Liljeholmstorget. I biked there from my home in Vasastan and it was only 5 kilometers so in other words, a perfect warmup.

I arrived to what happened to be a big shopping center that made a good impression to me. It looked well organized and was not so crowded. I will for sure go back there for shopping one day, but now SATS was the goal. The center was located at the bottom and from the beginning it seemed to be pretty small. But it was very fresh and cute. When exploring it more close by I found a fair area for strentgh training and there was one (maybe there were more) rooms for classes.

I went for a Bodycombat class and it was fab. My legs got a real workout and this was the second time I tried the new release and this time I liked it. Sometimes the combat releases has to be tried out a couple of times Before they are fun and this was one of those. All over and out although cheating a bit during the most heavy legs exersices I ended the workout in the stretching room. In conclusion I liked this center and could definitley go back there in combination with a shopping tour.

/ Pernilla continuing the SATS project