How to injury a foot at an airport

ImageHere comes the long version of the story about my foot issues that have bothered me the last three weeks. Today it feels much, much better so tomorrow my foot is runnable again. But here comes the full lenght story and promis to not do the same stupied thing. The last day at mine vacation in Philly I was out running in the morning. A perfect nice run, we spent the day in the city and went to the airport knowing that all flights from Philly to Europe was either fully booked or overbooked so we came to the airport with a good marginal until the European flights departed. We checked the Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt and yes it was fully booked like yesterday but we got the jumpseats if we wanted but going to Frankfurt was not our top choice so we walked over to the US Airways counter and asked how the flight to Amsterdam (which was our top priority) looked. We got a nice surprise when the lady said that the flight that yesterday was overbooked was wide open and she tagged our luggage with priority tags (not standby) and gave us our boardingpasses. In the airline world everything can happen and even the most booked flights can get a lot of empty seats when it is time to departure, you just have to keep calm, have backup plans and trust your luck and then it is fine so we walked through the security 1,5 hour before departure to AMS.

We had quite a lot of time so we went to have something to drink and then my travelpartner in crime suddenly realized that she by mistake checked in her ipad. We decided to give it a try to walk to the boardinggate that was at the other end of the huge airport to ask if they could get the ipad out from the checked bag. We thought it sould not be impossible since we had a priority tag and our bags was not loaded since we had no seats assigned and everyone who gets their bags loaded had a seat at the aircraft but no we could not get the ipad so I asked if our seat assignments were ready. The friendly US airways gate manager told us that we were number 7 and 8 on the priority list on the flight to AMS and our only thought were what?! The check in lady said it was wideopen and a plane is not wide open with lots of pax overbooked. At this time the Lufthansa flight that we could have traveled with was already departing so that option was gone. The next day it looked even worse to get to Europe both from Philly and all NYC and Washington airports so we had to think fast. I had researched the flight schedule of US Airways and since airline departure times and routes sticks to my mind like glue I knew one flight was departing to Brussels in 30 minutes. Departure. Not boarding. The friendly US airways gatemanager looked in the system and yes, there were five seats on the flight and he tried to rebook us but he had not the authorization so we had to run to a special service counter at the other side of the terminal. 30 minutes to departure and 20 minutes to final call. Well we gave it a try. We just came from the special service counter because we had our drinks there and it took 20 minutes to walk there so we ran like crazy in our high heels and with heavy luggage and came to the other service counter where there was no cue. Lucky us. The US airways lady there knew was she was doing but it still took some time to get everything right in the system and she could change our tickets to the Brussels flight. With five minutes until the gate at the other side of the terminal was closing we had to run like we had stolen something to get to the flight before it departed. My friend was taking my bag and ran before me because I had to book my connection flight from Brussels to Stockholm before boarding the next flight because it was a short connection in Brussels aswell. So while I was running and booking a ticket to Stockholm with the laptop in my arms and high heels on my feets I crushed my feet. So stupied! But we made it with the flight, actually both of them but I promiss that I will never ever wear high heels when I travel again because at eight out of ten trips I end up running airport intervals with or without bags. As I said, the foot is recovering fast from the marathon and tomorrow I am going to run with it again.

/ A travelstory from Pernilla

Top 3 resort picks

The general vacation season is getting closer and throughout the years I have stayed at lots and lots of resorts all over the world some better, some average and some not so good ones. Since I am right now in a huge vacation mode and guess that many others of you also are I would like to share some of my favorite beach resorts that I love a bit extra. I do of course have more fantastic options but these are my all time top three choice:

ImageJW Marriot resort & spa in Cancun. I loved that place. One of the biggest swimingpools I have seen in my life and also an infinity pool situated right at the beach. A place that rocked and I will definitley go back to if I go to Cancun again.

(Source: Outrigger hotels)It was 19 years since I went to Maui but I still remember the hotel we stayed at, Outriger palms at Wailea and it was a love at first sight. Magic scenery, a huge lush garden and also nice and huge balconys where you could eat breakfast when during the sunrise.

(Source: google pictures)I am a big fan of Florida and Boca Raton is a unique place there that I love. The pool at my favorite hotel Boca Resort & club is not special at this place but the location overlooking the intercoastal is amazing. So is also the architecture of the whole resort which makes it feels like a castle. I really love that pink palace and their afternoon tea or more precise the scones are to die for.

Next week I am going to publish my three best city hotels and the week after that my three favorite budget places.

/ Pernilla the travel lover

Miss smoothie – that’s me!

ImageFrom time to time I enjoy having no real plans for what to do and today I have a day where I can do whatever suits me whenever suits me until I will go for a wining and dining evening tonight. I felt for running in the morning so that was also what I did. First a 5K warmup along Karlbergskanalen then I joined SATS Urban Tribes for the first time (I did not liked it at all) so halfway into the class due to unprofessional leadership I ran away and rounded up my run to a 15K. After a shower and running some errends I am now having a lunch smoothie at my balcony. Miss smoothie – that is me!

ImageI also passed by the library today to pick up some Shanghai books so to figure out what I really wanna do and see. All major tourist sites I have already been to so now I am looking for the hidden gems. When it comes to Shanghai treasures Lifeinshanghai written by expat Sara is brilliant and I will for sure try some of her eating recommendations because I remember from last time it was difficult to find some places to eat at. From the guidbooks I think that the city of Suzhou is one place to see as well. So Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou combined will be a more exciting eastern trip than a visit to my hometown Västerås. Now my smoothie is also finished so maybe it is time to leave my balcony.

/ Pernilla at the balcony

13th of March

ImageNumber 13 is my lucky number and it has been a lucky but also a sad day today. The lucky part is that my office is moving. The sad thing is that my office is moving. As you understand I am both happy and unhappy with the office move. I love airports and aircrafts and for me it makes sense to work close to the things you work with but on the other hand the new office at  Frösundavik that we are moving to on Monday is located 10 minutes by bike from my home which of course is brilliant and that is the plus side. Another thing on the plus side is that the whole company sits together so it is easier to communicate and last but not least the beautiful outdoors Hagaparken has to offer and the swimingpool and floorball hall is also on the plus side. But after almost five years at an airport it will be strange to not smell the jet fuel, watching the aircrafts taking off and landing, be able to walk to the boarding gate when the boarding starts and doing lunchwalks in Skycity. But I like changes so after all I am happy!

ImageAfter work I enjoyed the spring outside for a while when I jogged over to SATS Stadshagen and a fab Shape class. I did not enjoyed the jog back home that much the first meters but then it turned into a comfy run alongside the runway highway at Kungsholmen.

ImageLast but not least I put my booking finger on the button and booked a longweekendtrip to Barcelona. A place that I never been to but have been looking forward to visit for years so I am already excited about seeing the place. But before that I have one, two, three and possible four other trips I will enjoy on beforehand. Did I mentioned that I love to travel?

/ Pernilla the travel P

Travel bloscars awards 2014

ImageWhen I came home from the number one spinning session at SATS this evening I checked my email and got to know that is one of the candidates in Skyscanners travel bloscars awards this year. Fabulous, now I just hope that I will collect lots and lots of votes so I can win the competition. Now I am going to take you all back in time and tell the story about my most spontanious trip ever.

A July Friday after work in 2010  when I lived in Oslo, I was together with a former colleague going to fly to Stockholm. But when we arrived in the check in area non of us felt for going to Stockholm so we checked the departure board. We thought Nice – no, Paris – no and so on until we found Edinburgh. Yes. Edinburgh. We both loved the idea. My colleague did not had her passport with her so she had to hurry like crazy to take the Flytog to Oslo city, run to her appartment and get her passport and go back while I was getting the tickets, checking us in and so. In less than an hour my travelpartner was back and on the final call we ran into the plane. On the plane another of our colleagues were sitting for a long time planned trip to Edinburgh and guess who lost his face when we showed up in the aisle since we said that we were going to Stockholm two hours ago when we left the office?! Really funny. When we arrived in Edinburgh we had no where to stay and no clue about what to do during the weekend but in less than ten minutes we had arranged the best bed and breakfast I ever been to and was on the way to the city center in the doubble decker bus. Then we went out for the first spontanious party night, the day after we were sightseeing, shopping, having afternoon tea, got to know what really is hidden under the kilts and went out clubbing and on Sunday before we flew back we finished up with a tour to Edinburgh castle. This is what I call a spontanious trip to the max. And definitley a memory for life!


/ Pernilla the travel lover

Counting down…

ImageAnd so it is Monday again and I am looking lots and lots forward to doing some traveling. It feel like ages since I was out on a tour at an exciting place the last time. There is no doubt that Stockholm is beautiful but I feel that I have had more than enough of this city for a while now. There are 18 days until my travel period starts again so I think I will make a fun schedule to count the days at in order to get the time moves faster or I will go for a pre-vacation trip before Berlin or both.

/ Pernilla longing for some traveling

Style. In my mind

ImageHappy Friday friends! My need for some Asian influence in my life except for take away sushi from the closest sushi bar is growin and growing. It is almost a year since I was at the Asian continent now and yesterday I saw a tv show about Japan and guess how much that increased my need for an Asian experience? tonwise! But what I will experience today is the last office day of this workweek, not that bad that either espcially since there are so many people that are unemployed and not even have an office to go to.

/ A Pernilla in Friday mode