Pre-Stockholm marathon

ImageI finally decided that I will run Stockholm marathon tomorrow and everywhere, I mean everywhere you can read all kinds of information about doing that, doing this, eat that, eat this, sleep that much and so on. I am so sick of all advices everytime, everywhere for everything, why cannot people just do what they feel for without consider what is best for others? No one knows what suits someone else. Myself, I eat and sleep as every other day so for breakfast I had some yoghurt, müsli and fruit.


For lunch I tried a new place just across the street from my office, Thelins. The food was delicious and I will absolutley come back and try all sallads there. See, I still follow my fresh food Friday rule. For dinner I think I will have a smoothie and strawberries, it has not to be complicated! But I am not sure I will run the whole 42K tomorrow but that depends on how my left foot that I injuried at an airport interval in Philly feels and I am not going to DNF cause I am lazy because that is not an excuse. Anyone else who is running tomorrow?

/ Pernilla the salad lover

Fresh Food Friday

ImageI have just invented a new thing, Fresh Food Friday. So from today Friday’s lunch will consist of a colourful and fresh sallad. The mix of today included lots and lots of yummi stuff like crayfish, lettuce, cherrytomatoes, carrots, cheese and more tomatoes which was a great energy boost before the weekend. From now on I declare Friday as Fresh Food Friday, who is in?

/ Pernilla having a sallad day

Eats. Problem solved


When I walked my the store on my way home I got a genius dinner idea- buy mix salad. In two minutes my what to eat for dinner case was sold so now I am just waiting for an invitation to Mensa after coming up with this smart idea. I hope the Mensa general will read this read this blog post soon because when I get home from my Bodypump class I am awaiting an email in my inbox.

/ A vitamin boosed Pernilla

Eats. Outside lunch


A runner deserves a quality lunch. On today’s menu was a box from the salad bar and one of the new Lokas. I took the lemon pie version and it was okey but not as the cocoa one last year. That was really a top notch drink and I wish they will start produce it again.

/ Pernilla that is tanning at the balcony

Eats. Green sallad


After my 24,5 km runningtour in the Alps I was more thirsty than hungry although I had almost not eaten anything since breakfast. I got a just in case sallad to bring with me on the train back to Zürich from Davos and it was the ultimate choice. A fantastic combo that I will copy myself for my lunchbox. It was just salad, corn, carrots and nothing more. Simple and easy just the way I like it when it comes to eats.

/ A salladified Pernilla