Style. This is it


 A lovely and typical picture of Swedish spring from one of my favourite Stockholms spots – Hagaparken represents the style of today in this stylish blog. Flowers is spring for me – but what represents spring for you?

/ A Pernilla in springmode

Eats. Time killer


I had a supersweet training plan for today. The first part is finished so now I am waiting for the second one which takes place in the Gryta woods. I hurried up like it was no day tomorrow and finished all housewife tasks quicker than quick before I rushed to SATS. When I got there I was 45 minutes to early for my first class – so what to do? I took a minipowerwalk to Karlbergs castle and back and got some sunshine vitamines. Then I went for a spinning, core and shake that ass Shabam hosted by Energy & Magi. Went home, had some strawberries and milk and was ready to take the 2 o’clock train to Västerås. But of course there is no 2 train. So I have to wait until 3. There are trains every hour and during rushhours every 30 minutes but no 2 train. Bad planning that is called. So now I am killing some time with tanning and drinking Loka at my balcany. It works perfectly fine, but I want to be tanning at casa Liljanstorp now.

/ A Pernilla that want to go home now

Style. Spring is back


A little bit of blog complaining do help. Today the spring is back and the lunchwalk outside was fantastic. Sunny and warm. A few more workinghours and then it is weekend for real and that I will start with a run beacuse this is a training and traveling weekend for me. So the question is where do I head this weekend? Russia, Berlin, Barcelona or…?


/ A Pernilla in sunny Friday mode


Style. Spring jacket



I had some milliseconds left before I had to run to the express train this morning. I was not 100 % sure about the minutes after we changed time and I did not felt for beeing left behind the train for the first time so I made a superfast iPhoto moment of my springjacket that have outdoor premiere today. Now it feels even more than spring than last week. Happy Monday friends!


/ A Pernilla in spring mode and jacket

Style. Sun and snow



I had breakfast in a sunny Stockholm with a clear sky but the weather abruptly changed. At Arlanda it was snowing. Not okey. And guess if I was dreaming that I could leave on the first available flight to a sunny destination? But well, it is Monday and my favourite day of the week, I am not sick anylonger and you know – Monday also means runday so after all it is not that bad.


/ A Pernilla that is in great Monday mode

Style. Spring flowers


I got a brilliant idea yesturday when I walked home from SATS to the supermarket how to make a supernice eastern decoration.But it was quite late so all flower shops were closed so now I have to wait until tonight to fix it, but it will be really nice and with a touch of spring.

/ A Pernilla that is in decoration mode.

Style. Sunshine boost

This sunny Tuesday I spend in the office like the majority of the Tuesdays, also the rainy, snowy and windy ones. But still my no boring Tuesday project goes on. I have realized that Tuesdays are getting less boring if they are training days so tonight I have a superclass with one of my favourite SATS trainers booked. What can that be?

/ A Pernilla currently in workingmode